The Dress that Launched 1000 Questions

May 29, 2018


When Connie and I went to Vegas, it was an interesting revisit because both of us are in such different places in our lives than we used to be years ago.  When I first moved to LA I was in my early 20s, I was adventurous and loved to go out dancing and partying.  It energized me!  Being that Vegas was just a short drive away I think I went multiple times a year.  Excessive?  ABSOLUTELY.  But nothing was going to stop me from having fun.  However, when I turned 30 I realized I had not visited in quite a few years and I was totally ok with it.  I had this "been there, done that" mentality.  I went full grandma, guys.... and when I found Connie she became the Blanche to my Rose.  


It was hilarious, though, that when Connie invited me to join her in Vegas, both of us (surprisingly) got really excited.  First off, I'm pretty sure reading a dictionary together would be a blast together, but I suppose that's what makes all the difference in life's experiences.  When you have your partner-in-crime, everything is fun and anything is possible!  Second of all, we realized Vegas had a whole new meaning for us as adults.  Not only could we afford to actually see the shows we wanted (Magic Mike Live was #1 on the list lol), but we could just hang out, relax, and most exciting thing was the fact we could dress up in sexy outfits!!!  Our first shopping goal was going to find something that makes us feel special, happy, and completely decked out in head to toe sparkle.  


We soon came to realize that this was apparently not in season or not in fashion anymore????  I mean, we went to every store, we were absolutely positive we were going to find sparkly bodycon dresses.  We came up totally dry.  It was so bad that we began to ask each other these great grandma thoughts:


1.  Well, what are the kids wearing these days to the club?


2.  Do they still call it "the club"?


3.  Are we stuck in 2002?


4.  What if I googled "What Kardashians wear in Vegas?"


5.  She dressed up as Cher, do you think this is helpful?


6.  Is it really tank tops and jeans nowadays??


7-1000.  I mean there is just no space, guys.


Ok, so I know we should've gone to Melrose to get any of the stuff we were actually looking for and it was my bad for assuming the Topanga Mall was going to have anything remotely close to what we needed.  However, the point was we were entirely obsessed with the idea of dressing up and adorning ourselves in sparkle!  It literally felt like it was going to make or break our trip.  This was a total eye-opener for us because the bottom line was there was no reason why we needed an excuse to look sexy, be fun, or feel fabulous!  I mean I tell my clients all the time to do so, but this is a philosophy that escapes the best of us when we're in work mode or busy allowing our responsibilities to take over our spirit.  So this sparkly dress was way more than just an outfit to us, it was a mission to step our of our routine ways and embrace our inner joy!





So when I found my little dress (in Vegas) that had just this hint of sparkle around the neck, I fell in love.  To be clear I didn't fall in love with the dress itself, although I can say it is one of my favorites hanging in my closet now.  I fell in love with how I felt inside.  Paired with the sparkly heels, it made me this new version of myself for even jut a night... and and it reminded me that this is what makes me love my job.  An outfit can give you confidence, it can empower you, and it can even allow you to tap into emotions you thought were stagnant inside.  Clothes are a complete reflection of how you feel inside.  So, how are you feeling lately?  Do you need a pick-me-up?  How did you used to dress in comparison to how you dress now?  What's stopping you from looking and feeling fabulous??  These are all questions you should ask yourself.  Tap into your closet and dust off some old things that you haven't worn in forever that made you feel good... or find something new that gives you those same emotions.  As the kids say, #TREATYOSELF, lol.  



So grab your dancing shoes, and even if you're literally only getting dressed up for yourself and have no intentions of leaving your home... DO IT!  Be a kid again!  It's never too late to play.







Soma & Ulte

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