Summer Ready

June 15, 2018

By know y'all know I love me some summer! I've mentioned it time and time again. But today I think it's time to cover what I never ever leave home without during our beloved season.

Just about every summer activity is outside, whether you're going to the beach, the pool, an outdoor concert, or just to the park; that bright beautiful sun is gonna be shining down on you so you need to protect yourself!

I use THIS moisturizer and sunscreen in one on my face every single day no matter what I'm doing. And since it's SPF 50+ it's  more than strong enough to handle all the sun you want!

 For my body I just make sure I use sunscreen with at least SPF 30 and always reapply every two hours. When I first got THIS one I didn't realize it had a hint of shimmer to it but it's so fun!

And if you're like me protecting your lips is just as important if not more so than your face and body. If I don't wear SPF on my lips for even 30 mins my lips get sunburned and swell up to three times their size! So I never EVER go anywhere without my chapstick. I've been using THIS one for years now and I love that it fully protects my lips and feels like there's barely anything on my lips at all! 

The other thing I always have on hand, especially when the temps start rising is water. It's crazy just how fast our bodies can get dehydrated in the summer!  And if it's a relaxing day on the beach or by the pool I always have a good book and of course some snacks!

Granted I do usually try to make it a healthy snack but since these peach gummies are a favorite treat of my sister's I can't not get them when I see them because they make me think of her! 

And finding a pouch that can carry all of your goodies at once is just so handy! I found this cute bag at Marshalls for just $10! So now that the sun and temps will allow for it, get out in the sunshine and soak up every second of summertime that you can! Just be sure to keep yourself protected!!


Happy Summer!


Soma & Ulte 





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