The Benefits of Wearing the Color Yellow

June 18, 2018


The last time I spoke about color psychology was during this post for red week.... and now that summer solstice is this Thursday, we thought we'd bring you a little yellow sunshine to celebrate it's arrival!  I always get really excited about sharing the meaning behind colors.  Perhaps that's why Connie and I have color coded our entire instagram feed... we just love all the choices!  There are so may interesting facts we kind of take for granted when it comes to seeing, and I always think it's interesting to understand why we think the way we do.  Let's take yellow, for example.  What is it about this color that sends people into a happy place?  Let me tell you why!



First off, yellow is one of the most significant players in human development.  It has been known to always attract an infant's eye and if you think back on your own childhood, there is something that a huge majority of you would have drawn as a kid:  the sun!  This only goes to show how strong the presence of the sun is and why kids have such a strong desire to color it yellow.  It is all about high visibility, so one benefit of wearing it is that you will be seen!



Yellow is not for the shy since it commands attention, as it is the easiest color for the human eye to see.  It can definitely mean for you to be cautious... as in wasps, crosswalk signs, and even stop lights.  However, the color yellow has quite a significant amount of positivity.  In fact, here are words that may be associated with you when you wear the color yellow:




























And if you wear a more golden yellow, it may not make you look simply appetizing, but it could relieve stress!  LOL!  If you think about it, most of our favorite childhood comfort foods are golden yellow:  mac N cheese, buttered popcorn, crackers, french fies, and my personal favorite, CORN BREAD.  Seriously, I have a box of emergency corn bread in my cupboard at all times when I'm feeling like I need to calm down.  And that's exactly it, golden yellow makes you feel the following:














So there you have it!  If you need a little hope, joy, or optimism in your life, just wear some yellow.  It's the fastest way to making yourself, and others, a little bit happier:)




Soma & Ulte


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