3 Ways to Boost Your Body Confidence

June 25, 2018


Woooooo--weeeee!  It's a hot, hot summer and, we're not gonna lie... we would live in our skivvies all day if we didn't have to step out for work.  There's something so liberating about walking around the house with next to nothing (or nothing) on and letting it ALL hang out.  However, not all of us are so comfortable with our bodies, even when no one is watching but ourselves.  


Everyone has their own unique relationship with their body.  Some may love it, some may hate it, and some may ignore it entirely.  All in all, it's something that all humans have, and for better or worse, have to live with everyday. 


Another universal is that everyone has insecurities.  Even my model clients (who get paid for their good looks and have arguably the most perfect bodies) can nit pick at what they may see as flaws.  So what are ways we can start building a better relationship with ourselves?


Here are some suggestions that can help you get in touch with your body and build a stronger appreciation for it:


1.  Mirror Work



My friend told me she was trying this out to help her with her body issues and confidence.  It involves staring at yourself in the mirror and vocalizing aloud what your appreciate about yourself.  You take the time to go through each body part, especially recognizing the bits of you that you may hate.  I know, I know... it is initially just about as odd and awkward as it sounds, but after doing it a couple of times it gets better.  In fact for me, it got really emotional.  It is such an intimate thing- to look at your body and stare at your own eyes and reflection- but it's this intimacy that allows you to really see yourself for (what may feel) the first time.  You can go through your entire day without realizing what your body has been doing for you.  However, taking the time to really appreciate what it has accomplished for your can really start to make a difference in how you see it.  


HERE is a book all about mirror work if youre interested in learning more :)




2. Get Sexy



Whether it's a pair of heels you wouldn't normally wear in the public, a lingerie set that you buy JUST FOR YOU, or just plain walking around the house butt naked... it's important to get acquainted with yourself.  It's so easy to hide yourself in your clothes when you go about your day in public, but I'd love to challenge you to get outside your comfort zone.  It could really awaken a new side of you and build up a confidence you never knew you had.




3.  Listen to your Body



Dieting, juice cleanses, and veganism may all be deemed "healthy" for you, but that's not necessarily true for everyone.  Again, all of our bodies are different and react differently.  When you start abstaining from certain foods to lose weight or adding something in your diet that is new, you have to be very aware of what your body is telling you.  I've heard multiple cases of people I know who have hurt their bodies unintentionally, or even needed to be hospitalized because thier bodies could not handle what they were putting in or leaving out of their food.  So make sure to go easy on yourself and recognize that your beautiful body has limits.  It needs nutrition, it needs movement, and it also needs rest.  Start doing things that feel good.  Then by default, your confidence will grow and you will appreicate your body just as much as it will appeciate YOU!


So go ahead and try these ways out and let us know what works for you. 

Remember, there's no right or wrong :)




Soma & Ulte




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