Hot Pink Happiness OOTD

July 2, 2018


If you guys couldn't tell, we LOVE color at Soma & Ulte.... it's kind've our thing.  It's a language that we are fluent in, and at this point, Connie and I can even recall memories based on what color of the week it happened on.  Honestly, we had no idea when we started this blog that it would become one of our greatest joys and a source of our most positive feedback. 


Needless to say, we don't love all the colors in the Crayola box.  There are some colors we appreciate more than others and there are colors that, handsdown, make us both extremely happy.  If you couldn't tell by the picture above, one of those happy colors is neon/ hot pink!



Hot pink is a happy color for numerous reasons, but mostly, because it reminds us of our youth.  Both of us were obsessed with Lisa Frank when we were kids and neon pink was a color that dominated most of our stickers, folders, and Trapper Keepers.  TRAPPER KEEPERS... who remembers those??  Not to brag, but I had a pretty insane sticker collection.  I used to trade them (like a boss) and my adult self is pretty bummed that I never kept any of it. 


If you were wondering, here are a few trapper keepers I've owned and loved... HOT PINK GALORE:







According to Empowered By Color, the color hot pink "inspires a more passionate, playful, and sensual love.  It exudes warmth, happiness, and a love of life."  Well, no wonder we love it so much!  So to honor one of our favorite colors, I decided to embody all of these aspects for the #OOTD.



I found these pants ON SALE at Topshop and they make me smile.  Not only are they super comfortable, but the plaid reminds me of the movie, Clueless.  So ya know, I ran with it!  I went with a playful and updated version of myself in the 90s :)





In the 90s I wore:


-Double buns like Chun Li from Street Fighter

-Off the shoulder tops like Kelly Kapowski

-Smocked tops

-I didn't wear crop tops because I wasn't allowed, but my adult self is SO happy I can now lol

-Plaid of all kinds like Cher from Clueless

-Clear lucite heels

-Funky earrings and purses



Shop this Happy Look!


Off the Shoulder Crop Top for $55


Checked Peg Trousers on sale now for $29!!!


Camille Clear Sandal for $99


Kate Spade purse I found at a random Nordstrom Rack



What did you wear in the 90s?





Soma & Ulte






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