Wood Block Bud Vases

July 6, 2018

Before I get into today's DIY I'm gonna start with a bit of a #RealTalk. I originally had something completely different planned for today's post, something I felt totally confident with. So confident in fact that I put off actually making it because I thought "what could go wrong?". Warning, if you ever have that thought just go ahead and assume EVERYTHING will go wrong! Ya see, I was a little preoccupied with a project we're working on for Meet Lunula that we can't WAIT to share with y'all, but in doing that my project for neon pink was put on the back burner. Long story short it did not turn out well at all! Some day I have to show y'all all the projects that didn't work out as planned. Once that project failed I was in a bit of a panic trying to come up with something else to share with y'all and even though I literally just made these adorable bud vases just yesterday I'm so happy with how they turned out! Plus it's proof you can do it in no time too!! Ok, now lets get into the DIY shall we?

For this project all you need are wood blocks in varied sizes, I used two of THESE and one of THESE packs. A pack of tubes, THESE are meant to mix your own glitter but they're perfect to use as water vessels, a drill, and some paint, I used poodle skirt, peony, and date night pink

Start by drilling a hole in the top middle of your wood blocks the size of your tube. If you don't have a drill bit large enough (I didn't either) you can just work the largest drill bit you have around until you make the hole big enough drilling just deep enough so that the top of your tube still sticks out a bit on top. Once you've drilled all your holes go ahead and paint! I made a gradient by mixing my three paint color together to get the colors I wanted. Once your blocks are fully dry, insert your tubes, fill with water, and pop your flowers in! Simple right?!

And the best part is you can play around with the arrangement. You can keep them all together like the top picture, spread them out and stagger them like above or you can use just one around the house as a little hint of color like below!

And of course you can choose any and all colors you like! If y'all are looking for a cute and simple way to add a splash of color this it is! Plus it would be fun to let the kiddies in on the fun too! Just for the painting part though! (#safetyfirst!)


Happy weekend! And stay safe, seems like we're hitting record highs all over the country this weekend!


Soma & Ulte 



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