Green Means GO! OOTD

July 9, 2018


If you couldn't tell by the picture above, this week is brought to you by the color NEON GREEN!  And, boy, is it a statement piece :).  When it comes to a head turning/showstopping color, nothing really beats the neons....particularly neon green.  Although the pink from last week was pretty electric, there's something about neon green that makes you want to smile while also reach for some protective glasses LOL.  It's reminiscent of some caution vests, but it also reminds us of the those glow sticks we used to (still) obssess over on Halloween.  Overall, it's the perfect shade to wear this summer if you have more olive-toned skin!



What we love about this particular #OOTD is that it's perfect for the summertime tourist.  You can look great for your scrapbook photos, beat the heat, and still wear super comfy shoes!   



On top of that, you'll be immediately ready for any pool you pass by because the top is actually a one piece bathing suit!  If you can't tell yet, I love using my clothes as multipupose pieces.  



The skirt is great because it wraps around and buttons down the front.  The adorable ruffle is so girly and this speckled floral pattern screams summertime fun.  Our favorite part about it is how thin the material is, though... so when we're facing 112 degree weather you know this baby is gonna breathe!



And we got this handy oversized tote for all the souveniers and shopping we do along our tour of the city or we can easily take it on my next beach trip.  Connie and I have joint custody of this lil guy ;)






Neon Green Straight Neck Swimsuit for $45


Meadow Ruffle Mini skirt for $55 


Nylite Plus Sneakers for $69.95


Keep A Secret Jelly Tote for $19.99




And if you get too tired to travel on foot but still want to fully experience the city without a car, here are our two favorite options in LA:


1.  The Lime Bike you see above, which is so easily accessible

2.  The Bird Scooter below, which I absolutely fell in love with on the 4th of July because my husband and I spent most of the afternoon exploring our neighborhood in a new way.  It was so exhilarating, but if you wanna go fast it can feel a little wreckless and quite terrifying lol.  




So there you have it... super fun ways to explore LA this summer and what to wear when ya do it!




Soma & Ulte

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