5 Classy Ways to Wear Neon Yellow

July 16, 2018


Happy Monday, friends:)  This week we are going to be celebrating one of my favorite colors of ALL TIME.... neon yellow!!  As you may have seen the past few weeks, we've been discussing the emotional associations with these electric colors and a lot of times they are very positive.  However, it can also be associated with being youthful in a way that is not so flattering for an adult, which is to seem juvenile.  However, I'm going to be showing you ways to use neon yellow that can actually be classy!


Here's a visual representation of what I mean....


1.  Use It as a Pop of Color!


For those of you who are scared to go full out, a classy way of using neon yellow is focusing on some key pieces.  Here we see this super subdued outfit with pops of color.  A "safe" way of doing it is the purse or the shoes.  In this case, she used a perfect balance of both!



2.  Pair it with neutrals.  


Because neons are meant to attact attention and are quite intense to the eye, it's important to use it with care.  It can easily read raver if you go head to toe neon.  There is nothing wrong with that, but when we're aiming for classy we want to be able to edit a bit.  I chose this gorgeous skirt from TOPSHOP and this white crop top from HOUSE OF CB.  White tops are a clean and easy palette to pair with neon yellow, as you can also see with example #1.  Again, it's all about balance!








Frill Fringe Crossbody on sale for $28



Yellow Skirt by Boutique no longer sold online at TOPSHOP, but you can find it in stores.  Or click HERE for a similar style.


White Crop Top similar style from Romwe



3.  Pair it with Blues.


Blue and neon yellow can be a friendly, approchable and classy approach to using neon yellow.  As you can see in the examples below this look is far from juvenile.  It's definitely playful, but it's a combination that is undeniably sophisticated.  Whether they're pants or a necklace, it's a fun and a perfect pair for summer.  Click the images for their source.





4.  Use It For that Extra Edge


I think this is a gorgeous way of adding a little bit of badassery to neon yellow.  Black is a very classic and common color to combine with it; however, I love this leather jacket combo.  It's edgy, yet so romantic with that neon skirt.  It's totally acceptable to play around with it.  You can easily wear neon yellow in a classy way throughout all the seasons!  Click the link to see the source.



5.  A Head to Toe Fashion Statement 


If you are brave and adventurous enough to wear neon yellow, head to toe, then this way is made for you!  When you're trying to turn heads, there are plenty of dresses that can do so.  However, a neon yellow one can turn heads without even revealing too much skin.  Because it's already such a showstopper, the dress silhouette itself doesn't have to do much.  In fact, when you're wearing a totally neon yellow dress, you should try be to conservative with the choice of jewelry and shoes.  I'd pair it with simple, delicate necklaces and nude or metallic shoes to match your jewelry.  That way, you're not visually competing with yourself!  Click the picture to see where you can get this dress!



So which way is your favorite?  Let us know in the comments!




Soma & Ulte

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