California Dreaming OOTD

July 23, 2018


Happy fashion monday, everyone!  How was your weekend?  After (what feels like months of) not seeing each other, Connie and I finally reunited so I'd say the weekend was fantastic in the moments we were together.  As for the moments apart.. weeeelllll.... let's just say we may need a bit of vacation from life LOL.  We have been doing a lot of California daydreaming lately as we've been working nonstop - something we're so grateful for - but sometimes you just need a vacation and a moment to reset.  Sometimes, you just need to add some sparkle into your every day, dull routine!!  And, boy, is that what we're doing.  Let us introduce you to the color of the week.... IRIDESCENT!!!!  It's literally what our dreams are made of....



And some might ask, well June is iridescent even a color??  Well, my friend, iridescent shows "luminous colors that seem to change when seen at different angles."  So it's not just one color, but multiple colors all at the same time!!  It's funky, it's fun, and it's pretty damn magical.  So to bust this boring week wide open, we're gonna embrace this unicorn juice and party it up with this #OOTD!




It all started with this gorgeous clutch from Rebecca Minkoff that I passed by at my local Nordstrom... and after I showed Connie we both knew we had to dedicate a whole week to it's shimmer.  Unsurpisingly, Connie and I are easily distracted by shiny objects... a trait that has bonded us and has simultaneously frustrated our significant others.  This one, luckily, does not involve large vats of glitter, but it sure looks like it's made of it!  The envelope clutch is spacious on the inside and easy to carry.  Also, it makes a great weapon if you ever need to blind an attacker who is coming after you.  Just shine it in the light and ignite your hidden super weapon!





Then I found this dress on mega sale at Zara and it was a match made in unicorn heaven.  In one direction, the dress looks purple and blue, but in the other direction it looks pink and green.  I really love it in combo with the clutch because the contrast makes each one pop!




Then when you step into the shade, it luminates into even more colors.  This dress is truly mesmerizing to watch in action.  We will be posting a video on our instastories so be sure to check it out!  



And as though there wasn't enough sparkle in our life, we added these awesome sneakers from Aldo.   Too much?  Nahhhhh... when it comes to iridesecent week, it's really go big or go home for us :)





Iridesecent Sequin Dress... no longer sold online, but can be found at select Zara locations for $15.99


Rebecca Minkoff purse for $95



Aldo Sneakers on sale for $36.98



Happy shopping!


Soma & Ulte


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