Reversible Art Deco Wall Hanging

July 27, 2018

When I was trying to come up with a project for iridescent week I had a few ideas but nothing was really exciting me. That is until I found the most amazing iridescent contact paper at Joanns! And the best part is that this is a DIY you'll love even if iridescent isn't your thing!

For this project you'll need two 12" wood squares, a hand saw, a drill, drill bit, wire, and iridescent contact paper. With one of the square you'll cut a semi-circle. If you can find a 12" wood round you can use that and simply cut it in half, that's easier than cutting a circle but I could only find the squares. With the other piece of wood you're going to cut it in 4 equal pieces that are 3" each

So this is what you'll be left with

Once you've got all your wood cut you'll measure where you're going to drill your holes to hang the pieces together. Measure the center of the width of three of your rectangular pieces (I put mine 3/4" down from the edge). Then line those up with the last remaining rectangular piece lying horizontally. Again measure 3'4" in from the edge (picture above). Then drill where you measured, I used 1/16" drill bit. Then take your wire (I used thin copper wire) and tie the wood pieces together

This is where you can stop if you don't want to add the iridescent paper. I think this looks great on it's own! But if you want to add the contact paper, this is where you can get really creative!

You can go with any design your heart desires but I thought the semi-circle lent itself perfectly for a rainbow! Then I added long horizontal stripes on the horizontal piece of wood and put raindrops on the vertically hanging pieces. I think this would be so cute in a kids room or nursery! And the best part is that it changes colors from every angle! From a cotton candy pink and blue...

 To a light silvery green...

To my personal favorite peachy color!

And even better, you can just swap sides whenever you feel like it! 


Happy Friday yall!


Soma & Ulte






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