DIY Plaster Mini Planters

August 3, 2018

Y'all! I have just become mildly obsessed with plaster! I've worked with quick drying concrete before but what I love about plaster is that it takes color so well!! And these mini planters couldn't have been easier! For this project you'll need:


Plaster Powder

Powder Tempera Paint

Silicone Shot Glass Mold 

Matte Medium

Fine Grit Sand Paper


Follow the instructions on the back of your plaster container. Most call for a 2 to 1 ratio of powder to water so I used two cups of powder and 1 cup of water. Then I mixed in a bit of the blue powder paint. I didn't really measure this, I just scooped a bit in. But the more you use the more saturated your color will be; just be sure not to use so much color that it changes the consistency. Stir it all together until well combined making only what you're prepared to work with in that moment because it dries very quickly. Now since this is blue and white stripe week I obviously chose blue and white stripes but these would look great as a solid color as well. But if you're making stripes like us you'll fill your molds 1/3 of the way up with blue plaster and let those dry. I waited about an hour or two between layers to insure they were fully dry and set. Once the first blue layer is dry fill the next 1/3 with white plaster. You'll mix the plaster the same way you did in the first step but you'll just leave out the blue powder paint. Let the white layer dry then mix your last batch of blue plaster and fill the mold the rest of the way up and let dry.


Once they are completely dry remove the mini planters from the mold one at a time. Then lightly sand your mini planter to make sure it's all smooth. Once you've sanded it let your mini planters dry for 24 hours if you can. Then you'll paint your planters with your matte medium. This essentially creates a thin layer of plastic making it so your planters are no longer soluble. Allow your planters to dry fully then plant your mini plants!

As you can see there is some bleeding of the colors into one another which I actually like because it create a cool ombre effect that remind me of the ocean! But if you want cleaner crisper lines allow a longer drying time between layers.

Then put them up all around your house! They're so tiny that they'll work anywhere!

Hope y'all have a happy happy weekend!


Soma & Ulte


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