Our Favorite Pantsuit for Summer

August 13, 2018

Usually when we think of a woman's pantsuit, we often think of the corporate world or perhaps politicians (ehem Hillary Clinton ehem).  Quite often it is associated with being very business-like and maybe even a little stuffy.  However, a great neutral pantsuit doesn't have to be that at all!  In fact, it can be a super chic alternative for your weekend wear-- on top of being a great look for your 9-5. 


For this week's #OOTD, we decided to go with a lighter colored neutral.  Tan/Beige/Khaki... whatever you'd like to call it is a very popular choice for summer.  It's definitely not as stark as black.  It's quite a warm and inviting color that makes the eyeballs relax and happily sigh "ahhh."  It reminds of the hot desert or even the jungle (if you wanna go safari themed), but overall, we'd say it's a great winner.  Be sure to pick the appropriate tan color for your complexion, though, since it can be so close to natural skin tones.  You don't wanna look naked into your next professional business meeting... trust me!  



As you guys know, we are all about giving classic looks a twist when it comes to fashion, and this is certainly no exception.  Instead of a structured, traditional one button suit jacket, we opted for the loose-fitting, draw-waist jacket instead.  Am I gonna start geeking out about the practicality of owning this jacket right now... UM YES INDEED I AM.  The jacket can be worn more formally when tied up or it can be worn open and free for a more casual feel.



It can also be used as a simple jacket layer for a casual day or night on the town.  Honestly, replace the matching pant suit with some dark jeans and you've got yourself yet another outfit!  I love that I can wear the sleeves rolled up or down.  I wanted to be a bit more casual so I opted for the roll. 



Then, I chose to grab the matching pants (obviously)... wouldn't really be a pantsuit without 'em lol.  Again, the unique details of the gathered waist makes it great worn with the jacket or without.  It really is just a great stand alone piece.  I love the belt that cinches my waist since my body is so "straight up and down" and the looseness on the butt and thighs really gives me enough comfy space to move.  Also, the material is lightweight so it doesn't cling to my skin in the scorching sun.  Mama likey.



Because I'm far more tan right now from my hours spent in the Ojai sun, I chose a white top for a bit of pop on this neutral piece... and, honestly, even without the jacket it all feels very effortless.



You can also certainly wear a drapey, silk black top as well underneath, but again this gives a more summertime feel.  When I'm covered so head to toe like this, I usually wear a lower neckline to add some more sex appeal.  



Then the icing on the cake this time was inpsired by this awesome gold wide cuff.  It reminded me of tribal women and made me think of safari trips.  In fact, we have totally been calling this our urban safari suit!  Also, gold really reinforces the warm quality of all the tones and makes this outfit go from plain to lux!  





Wide Wrapped Cuff for $29.90

Lyocell Jacket for $54.99

Lyocell Paper Bag Pants for $39.99

White Draped Top for $24.99

Gold Shoes for $169.95




Happy (clothes) hunting!


Soma & Ulte

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