Friday Night Date Night

August 17, 2018


Welcome to our new Fridays!!! As I mentioned in Wednesday’s post we’re mixing things up a bit here at S&U. June and I got to talking one day about what we wanted our Friday post to be and immediately deviated to talking about food and movies; big surprise! Then we realized that should be our post! We’re always so excited to try a new restaurant in town or a new recipe, see a new show, see a new movie, or rewatch an old one; so that’s what Fridays will be now! 


I’ll be kicking us off, but before I do I have to give a little background. See June and I both basically moved to LA because of our love of movies. While June’s path was more focused (she studied costume design at UCLA) mine was a little more free form. To say it now sounds so naive (because it is) but I literally moved to LA because I loved movies, my plan didn't reach much further than that, I had ZERO idea what I was going to do once I actually got here. Thankfully it did all work but I felt like I had to give y'all that little piece of information before I gave you this tidbit...I still own VHS tapes (don't judge me). Now I know that sounds a little crazy in this digital world but there is something about those movies I just love! First of all the fact that I'm watching them on tape means that's how long I've had that movie, before DVD even came along! (And if you're under 25 you probably have no idea what I'm even talking about!) So there's the nostalgia for one, but just like my love for records, yes I have a record player too, I love little things like seeing the previews on the tape before the movie starts. And the final reason I still have my beloved video tapes is perhaps the most important, some of those movies aren't even available on iTunes or amazon or netflix of hulu (clearly I've looked) and these are some of my all time favorite movies; I can't lose those! So in honor of all of this I give you tonight's date night plan... drumroll please...


Shag The Movie!!! If you've never heard of it you are missing out! This is one of my all time top 10 movies! Not only is it the quintessential summer movie (which is all I'm in the mood for seeing as we're smack dab in the middle of summer here on the west coast) but it's a movie my sister and I love so much that my sister actually named my sweet baby niece after Phoebe Cates' character. Now I get that staying home and watching a movie on friday night may not constitute as the most exciting friday night , but if you pair it with your favorite recipe or take out (I'm lookin at you Sugar Fish) and a favorite cocktail it is the most cozy!


As for the rest of the weekend; this Saturday I can't wait to see this new exhibit at The Getty; Icons of Style: A Century of Fashion Photography 1911-2011 and I'm sooooo excited to see Christ Stapleton at the Forum! I saw him at The Greek a year or so ago and he was just so dang good!


What are y'all doing this weekend? 


Soma & Ulte

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