1 Dress Worn 3 Ways!

August 20, 2018


Happy fashion Monday, all!  Connie and I have been talking about our future posts and we are BEAMING over the fact that the holiday season is fast approaching.  I think it makes sense to get into a creative funk at times, but there's something exciting, reinvigorating, and absolutely magical about the start of fall.  I know, I know it's still summer and we love it, but we love the holidays even more.  Not gonna lie, all of the Halloween stuff that's sprouting in stores makes me really giddy.  Giddy like this girl above grinning from ear to ear about this post!


If you guys haven't noticed yet, we are doing a color cleanse right now.  It's been a lot of neutrals and after all that bright neon it was a happy change for us.  This week, we're doing one of our favorite neutrals... light gray!  So light gray is super versatile and we thought it would be great to show you a 3 in 1 outfit :)  You guys know there's nothing I love more than style married with practicality!



So I was, as usual, shopping for a commerical that I'm working on... and there are many benefits to it.  In my life outside of work, I wouldn't normally go into certain stores based on old ideas about the brand or thoughts on what's "age appropriate" etc.  However, I stepped into Abercrombie & Fitch and was surprised that it was even the good ol' A&F from my high school years.  It looked sophisticated and fancy...it didn't reek of cologne that used to remind me of hot boys as a teen, their fitting rooms have custom lighting and there were styles that I would actually wear as full grown adult!  



So I present to you... the KNOT FRONT SHIRT DRESS!  It's got a cute gray and white stripe and it's a great piece that is quite versatile.  I also love it because the knot front gives you an automatic waist cincher.  



Here's 1 way of wearing it... just as it is!  I paired it with some nude heels and a casual purse.  Great for wearing out to lunch with friends or just a casual weekend event.  I love how dressed up it can look but with a very effortless feel.  Truly, though, it's 100% effortless because you just throw it over your head like a shirt and DONE.  You're ready to go!



Then I decided to turn the dress into a long shirt and I unbuttoned it up to the knot and added some white shorts.  This second look makes me really happy because it's playful, fun, and totally sexy.



Also, if the wind blows... you are protected from giving a free show ;)  HA!



And, finally, the last way to wear it is to super casual!  Throw on a cozy sweatshirt and sneaks and it's a great hanging out look.   



Here I'm laughing because this is probably the most "Connie" look I've ever worn.  It's not surprising as it is pretty preppy LOL.



I paricularly love this  BROOKLYN sweatshirt from J. Crew because one of my college best friends lives there.  Now, it has a special place in my heart and I love reppin' her city around LA!



So which look is your favorite?  Let us know!




Soma & Ulte




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