Concrete Serving Board DIY

August 22, 2018

Y'all, to say I'm excited about this diy would be an understatement. I was a little nervous trying my hand with concrete for the first time but I'm so happy with how it turned out so lets get right to it shall we?? And first let me say I'm sorry for the process pictures, I had to use my iPhone so they're not the best.

To get started you'll need concrete mix, cardboard, a bowl, nonstick cooking spray, tape, a razor or knife, sandpaper, and food safe varnish

Start by placing your bowl on a large piece of cardboard and use a strip of cardboard to trace the outline of your bowl taping as you go. This is going to be your mold for pouring your concrete. Just make sure as you tape that there is no gap between the cardboard strip and the larger piece of cardboard, you don't want your concrete spilling through

Once you finish your mold you'll be left with something like this. As you can see I went a little crazy with the tape, I figured better safe than sorry. Also you can make any shape you like, I wanted mine to look like a cutting board so I went with the circle and made a handle. Once you have your mold, spray the entire inside with your nonstick cooking spray including up the walls of your mold. This will make the mold easier to remove once the concrete has dried.

Then measure and make little marks along the inside of your mold. This is how high you'll fill your concrete mix; I wanted mine to be about 3/4" thick

Now it's time to mix your concrete. Follow the directions on the package to be sure you're doing it right. I found that 8 cups of concrete mix and 3 1/2 cups of water was just right for the size and thickness of the board I made but this will vary depending on the size of your bowl and how thick you want yours to be. Just be sure the concrete mix is the consistency of thin pancake batter when you pour it. And work fast!! When it says "fast drying" it's not kidding! The concrete starts to set in 15 minutes. Once you've mixed your concrete pour it in your mold! Like I said it starts to set in 15 minutes but it will be fully dry and set in about an hour


After it dries you're left with this beauty! Don't you just love all that texture!! Now you'll want to sand out any rough edges and then paint a coat or two of food safe varnish so you can actually use you new board!



Now you'll not only dazzle everyone with your yummy food but they'll be amazed that you made the board too!

Happy hump day!


Soma & Ulte 










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