S & U Style Challenge: Black and White

August 27, 2018


Happy fashion Monday!!  This week was super fun because Connie and I got to do our very first style challenge together:).  Mostly you guys see me in the fashion section so you don't often get a taste of Connie's style, but she has AMAZING taste so we wanted to share with you guys how different our 2 styles can be! 


FUN FACT:  When we first started Soma & Ulte, Soma (Connie) was meant to represent more of the clean, neutral, simple, and classic elements of style while Ulte (June) was going to represent more of the fun, bright, neon, and trendy styles.  However, when we got going on our projects we realized how much we really truly do both!  So we never ended up separating th sections, but rather, we chose to fluctuate between both extremes depending on our mood.  


So here you have it, the very first style challenge:





Ok, so first let me say there is a reason June is in charge of our fashion section. Not only can she style anyone anytime for any occasions but she is also knowledgable enough to tell you why what she picked for you works. I'm not quite to that level to say the least; really I just know what I like but there's not always a reason why

Case in point this challenge. I was really excited about this post because as June said this is my first time showing y'all my personal style but then it hit me, what IS my style? So instead of going down an existential rabbit hole I did what always helps clear the mind, shopped! I set out with no particular look or style in mind, just knowing it had to be black and white and waited to see what I found. 

And I love what I found! It's definitely "me" but again I have no idea why :) The one constant I know is that I like clean, classic styles. Nothing too crazy for me. I tend to gravitate either toward clean lines or if it's a bit more dramatic silhouette I'll probably favor it in a neutral tone 

With this outfit it's just so easy to wear! No fuss, just throw on and go but it still looks somewhat put together. In the summer months I tend to wear nothing but dresses and skirts and in my mind you can never go wrong with a denim skirt. And what I like about the sweater is that it works great with this skirt now but it will also be great with jeans and boots as fall approaches and be a perfect under layer for all my favorite coats! 


Shop This Look:


Graphic Cotton Sweatshirt


Frayed Hem Denim Mini Skirt


Converse Chuck Taylor Low Top Sneaker








So I chose this for the black and white challenge for so many reasons, but mostly because this dress is 10000% me.  Oh dress, why do I love thee, let me count the ways!


1.  The hearts.  They're everywhere and they look like they've been sketched on.  This completely makes me so happy as it reminds me that I used to doodle them all over my homework, binder, and school notes growing up.  



2.  It's got a fun criss cross cutaway top, which if you guys haven't noticed... I'm a fan of a good crop top or anything that shows a bit of tum.  I'm also a fan of off-the-shoulder, but this one strap I partcularly love because the black edge adds dramatic effect and a bit of support!





3.  The ruffled bottom, again, adds so much drama and interest!  I mean if this doesn't scream fun, I don't know what does.



When it comes to dress with a lot of fabric, I prefer a high front and cascading back to show off more leg.  I'm only 5'4 so every little bit helps!



4.  The backview is also a show stopper and has a beautiful mermaid shape.  Since my only curves are really from behind, I prefer something that is more form fitting in the back:)



5.  And, overall, it's totally got a flamenco, chiquita banana vibe, and it makes me wanna freakin' dance!!!  How could I resist???? 





Heart Print Tipped Bodycon Dress for $45


Heels are a million years old but here's something similar from Vince Camuto $98.95


Similar sunglasses for $55






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