A Budget Friendly Tip That Can Completely Redesign Your Home

August 29, 2018

Nowadays there are plenty of resources to find great inexpensive art but sometimes even $30 is more than you want to spend on something you may not want for longer than a couple months. I mean $30 is a new pair of shoes from Target amirite?! So what if I told you you could completely change the decor in your house on a whim for a mere few dollars or even cents!? You'd be all in right? Well guess what, today is your lucky day, I'm gonna let you in a big tip I use all the time. And this tip works if you like to mix up your shelfie game or even if you have a fun idea for the holidays!

All you need is a thumb drive and a picture frame. Now I'm all for finding a piece of artwork you love, and really investing in a piece of art can be incredibly rewarding and something you treasure forever. But if you want to shake up your decor a bit this tip is perfect. Start by looking online for an image you like, and if you're anything like me you probably have a whole file of images you love already. Once you pick the image you want put it on a thumb drive and head on down to your local Kinkos. Be sure to put it on a thumb drive though because if you just connect your phone it will bring up all the photos in your phone (which for me meant over 1800 photos!!) so having it on a thumb drive saves you a lot of time! Then print the picture in whatever size you want. This entire post cost me a total of $1.29! And if you choose a smaller size (I went with 5x8) it will be even cheaper! Then pop your picture in the frame and you're all done!

It's so simple right! And I'm tellin you, come the holidays you'll really appreciate this tip! It's a great way to redecorate without dropping a pretty penny to do so! Happy Wednesday!



Soma & Ulte




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