Friday Night Date Night

August 31, 2018

 We made it!!! The week is over AND it's a holiday weekend! Does it get much sweeter than that?? So for tonight's date night post I'm talking about one of my favorite things to do in LA in general and one of my favorite restaurants too. The thing about living in LA is that it's really easy to get caught up in staying in your area of town because the traffic here really is no joke. Especially since I moved so far out of town I find myself guilty of this even more. But that means when I do go into town I try to make a full day of it! It's also one of the things that makes it feel so special when I go to see June at her house now, I wanna just stay with her for hours :) But that's part of what I love most about LA; you can make a day trip out of exploring the shops, neighborhoods, and restaurant of other parts of town because there are just so many cool places in this city. Okay, so as for tonight plans my fiancé and I are going to one of our favorite restaurants in all of LA, Bestia!! I hardly ever go into Downtown unless it's for work but it just so happens he and I have to run a few errands around there today so we figured it was the perfect excuse.

Bestia's exterior is completely unassuming, I mean it looks like it's straight out of Footloose (which now that I've mentioned that just might have to be tonight movie!). It's on a little dead end straight smack in the middle of downtown but it houses some of the best Italian food you will ever have! I remember going here right when it first opened up and being blown away!

It was the very first place I ever had bone marrow and I had no idea how good that was! I've actually stopped eating meat since then but it's worth mentioning for all of you who do because if you go there you HAVE to try it. But there are so many vegetarian friendly options too! I mean the pastas are insane

I mouth is watering just looking at that gnocchi. 


So what are all y'all doing this Labor Day Weekend??


Soma & Ulte



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