The Peekaboo Trend

September 3, 2018

 Happy Labor Day, everyone!!!  It technically marks the end of summer and a silly fashion rule that you can't wear white anymore after today, but Connie and I don't care about rules and we're gonna do what we want YEAH!!  So the color of the week is cream and today we're gonna show you the peekaboo trend that's gonna transition us from summer to fall :)


Wearing lingerie as outerwear has been done for a while, but it's been gaining some momentum as it's being flaunted by all kinds of celebrities, from Zenadaya to Kim Kardashian. 
























































It's fun, it's bold, but most of all it is damnnnnn sexy!  Connie has always been a fan of lingerie and has a hefty collection, but I've been far more boring and conservative when it comes to my skivvies.  BUT WHY???  There are a ton of gorgeous bras, bralettes, slips, and corset tops out there that are just screaming for attention and you have many ways to express your personal peekaboo preference.  If you're uncomfortable with just showing up in a bra, then there are ways around it that might work for you....





 1.  The Peekaboo Bra



As I've been embracing my body and learning to be more confident in my own skin, I've realized that it's totally okay to show that off.  It can be in extreme ways, like wearing a skin tight bodycon dress in a bright orange like this post or it can be in more subtle ways, like this peekaboo bra I'm wearing with the #OOTD.  What's amazing about the evolution of bras over the past 5 years is that there are so many options now that don't even feel like bras.  And for ladies with tinier breasts, we can get away with A LOT more as we don't even need underwire and nowadays there are endless options wtihout them!


Currenlty, I'm wearing the Aerie Real Power Convertible Plunge Push Up Bra, which amazingly is on sale right now from $49.95 to a measly $29.97!  It's super comfortable despite having underwire and I love all of the romantic lace details.  I even love the straps because I have so many spaghetti-strapped white dresses that I could even wear this with and show off the eyelets without worrying that my bra is showing.  WIN-WIN!



Or I can wear it with this longsleeve jumpsuit and add a touch of sexy to it!  What I love about unbuttoning this jumpsuit and showing off some of the bra is that it elongates my neck, but also adds texture to the overall look.  I love mix and matching things so it's more interesting to the eye... and, of course, because the bra is so ornate it doesn't look like I'm just wearing an old bra underneath.  A peekaboo of spice in your life can definitely turn heads, but it gives your inner confidence a bit of a boost as well when you're wearing it to show it off.  It feels a bit naughty, but this way you still look nice :)



Oh!  And if you're wondering, I got this jumpsuit from Zara!



2.  The Bralette Top Over a Tee


This is an awesome way of transitioning from summer to fall.  Repurpose your bralette with a tshirt underneath and you've got a sexy/cool way of showing off your sexy!




3.  The Silk Camisole


Or if you're feeling like you want to be a bit more subtle, you can wear a lace cami under a blazer and do your peekaboo in a super classy way.



4.  Or if you wanna skip the peekaboo entirely here are some ladies who are going for the gold!!!




 What's your peekaboo preference?




Soma & Ulte





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