Rope Bowl DIY

September 5, 2018

Happy Wednesday y'all!! Wednesdays after a holiday weekend are always so much better, you feel like it's only Tuesday but you're already half way through the week! Yipee! And your Wednesday is about to get even better with this weeks project! This rope bowl requires only rope and a glue gun and is so versatile!

So get your rope and plug in your hot glue gun and lets get started!


Start by putting a strip of glue on the end of your rope and turning it in on itself, you're essentially just creating one long spiral. 


Keep gluing and rolling your rope until you get the size bowl you want. For the medium size bowl you see to the left in the picture above I made the center of my bowl about the size of a coaster, the bigger bowl on the right I made about the size of a popcorn bowl

This one I made much smaller to be a ring bowl. Once you've made the center the size you want start placing your glue a little bit higher on the rope to start building up the walls of your bowl

You can build it up as high as you like


Then cut your rope leaving enough to create a little loop. Add some more glue on the end of the rope and tuck it back onto the bowl


And that's it! So easy right? And it can be used for so many things!

The little one is perfect for holding rings and other jewelry




 And I used the big one as a catch all for our keys by the front door

And the best part is that it takes no time to make and costs next to nothing! That's our kinda DIY!



Soma & Ulte 









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