Palo Santo Eucalyptus Bundle

September 12, 2018

Now that we're already almost half way through September it means the holidays aren't too far behind and with the holidays comes lots of holiday gatherings. And I believe you should never show up empty handed. A bottle of wine is always a go-to but maybe the host doesn't drink or if you're like June and I (we don't drink wine) you may not know anything about wine. I for one find picking out a wine very overwhelming. Then there's the option of making a yummy snack for the party but if cooking/baking isn't your forte or you just simply don't have the time this too can feel a bit overwhelming. Well fear not, I have a great alternative for you!

I only just tried palo santo for the first time myself when our friend Ada owner and CEO of both Guise Etiquette and Lunula gave me some and I loved it! (side note: Lunula is the salon that we did the interior design for and we will be showing the pictures soon I promise!) Palo santo is used in a way similar to sage or cedar, it is burned to clean the energy around you to keep it grounded and clear. It is also known for it's health benefits and is used to relieve symptoms of the common colds, flu symptoms, stress, asthma, headaches, anxiety, depression, inflammation, emotional pain and more! (Click this link if you want to know more about it's uses) Not to mention it smells sooooo good! If you're looking for a fall scent for your home this is it, it smells like camping! Once I used it myself in my own home I thought this would be the perfect party favor or hostess gift!

And obviously it's pretty straight forward, simply tie a pretty ribbon or twine around a bundle of a couple palo santo sticks and some eucalyptus. This would also work great with sage since that is used in the same way but there's just no denying the beauty and simplicity of eucalyptus.


 Isn't it so exciting to think about the holidays coming up and already having gifts in mind!! June and I have discussed at length each of our love languages and it's no surprise that gift giving is totally one of mine!


Happy Wednesday y'all!


Soma & Ulte






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