Back to School Cool

September 24, 2018


It was officially the first day of fall yesterday and the nights are getting chillier and chillier!  Growing up on the east coast, this reminds us of those days leading up to "back to school."  Being the nerd that I am, I was always excited about getting new supplies, books, and clothes to wear for the first day of class.  I am the studious type... Connie calls me Type A, which is true.  No shame here!  She was less interested in school and tells me she skipped often.  Clearly, she's the cool one of the two of us lol.  So for today's #OOTD, we wanted to do a little throwback that is reminiscent of a collegiate style.  A great little number for ringing in the autumn leaves, which if you can't tell, brings me so much joy!



Well, ya can't have a proper collegiate look without a nod to the letterman jacket.  We particularly love this one because of how it's the perfect blend of masculine and feminine appeal.  It's got a slight gold trim that dresses it up a bit and has a snap front for ease.  All that it's missing is the captain of the football team's name and number lol.  



The color is a burnt sienna and really pops against the amber and white striped turtleneck from J. Crew a while back.  You could also wear this jacket with a black top for a really streamlined look.  I prefer the stripes since it's more  of an unexpected surprise :)



And I'm in love with this black skort, which takes me back to my high school days.  Fun fact:  I went to Catholic school and wore a skirt.  There were very strict rules that the skirt couldn't be more than 2 inches above the knees and there was always fear that the boys would look up our skirts going up the stairs. I hated it because most of the (cool) girls would roll their skirt up to make it cuter/sexier, but I couldn't because the skirts my parents would buy for me were 10 times too big.  SMART.  Cuz even if I rolled the skirt, I would have to do it 20 times and I'd just have this sad donut roll around my belly.  So to get around all of this, I petitioned for the school to change the skirts to skorts so the skirts could be as short as we wanted and no one could look up them AND I could be "cool" by default.  I won.  This was my first fashion victory, people!  Nerds unite!!



My redemption pose, clearly... HAHA!!!



And, I finished off the look with these heeled combat boots.  I have to say, they were around last year and I was so bummed I didn't get it.  At the time I was on a very strict you-can't-buy-things-if-they're-not-wedding-related kick.  However, Aldo brought back the same exact boots and now I've committed!  They're super badass and sturdy.  They're also very high, but because of the chunky heel they're really stable.  





Faux suede bomber jacket for $69.90



Yellow and White Stripe Turtleneck no longer available


Black Faux Suede Skort for 39.90



Marille Boots for $130





Soma & Ulte



P.S.  I'm laughing hysterically here because it took me 10 minutes to muster up the courage to get off that wall ledge behind me.  Connie had to coax me down like a kitty in a tree.  Eventually i came down but i had to turn around so that she could support me by holding my ass up like a chair.  It was a bit of a struggle.  We were in a public park so, needless to say, we gained an audience.  #thatsoulmatelife #ivegotyourbackbuttandallthethings 



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