Friday Night Date Night: Favorite Fall Movies

September 28, 2018

 So we've reached that I'm between time where it is officially fall but still feels like summer outside. You want to get on board with cozy sweaters and layers of blankets but the weather hasn't fully caught up to your enthusiasm. Well we're in the same boat, and for the rest of fall I plan on writing all autumn appropriate date nights, even starting now. Since it is still too warm outside the best way to make believe you're on your way to fall is to crank up the AC, get cozy under the covers, and put on your favorite fall time movies! And here's my list...starting with the obvious; When Harry Met Sally. Yes it takes place over many years and many seasons but it's the fall scenes are the ones that stand out the most. Well, that and the deli scene.

 Next is Something to Talk About. This has been a favorite in my family (and by my family I mean my sister and I) since it came out. Now what exactly a 5th grader and an 8th grader enjoyed so much about this movie I'm not quite sure but I know it still cracks us up to this day! And the scenery can't be beat!


Next up is Sweet November. Ok, so this is where I think people will start to judge my picks as this isn't the best movie ever but it's fun to see the autumn lens over California and I'm just a sucker for anything Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron. I know at least June will agree with me because of her love for Keanu as well!

 You didn't think I would have only ONE Meg Ryan movie on the list did you? Well obviously not, in You've Got Mail they even talk about their love of fall and back to school time so much that they want to send each other bouquets of sharpened pencils. They get our enthusiasm people!

 And just like Meg Ryan just one Julia Roberts movie wasn't going to cut it either. This movie is the epitome of fall from start to finish and there isn't a thing I don't love about it, including Julia's incredible head of hair!

Remember. The. Titans. Enough said!

 Now this one I really loved but I honestly only saw it once! When I was trying to think of this list it came to mind and I was so shocked in myself for not making this a regular already. Well that changes this year! Dan In Real Life will now be in regular rotation!



 And last but not least is Bewitched, not the tv show (even though I love me some OG bewitched) but I'm talking about the movie. This movie was pretty widely panned from, well from just about everyone. But I remember seeing this movie right before I moved out to LA and believe it or not I thought it could be a pretty accurate idea of what life in the big city could be like! HA! I know, I know, but she had a lovely house "in the valley" (which I had no idea what the even meant) and I thought the transition from Tallahassee, FL to LA may not be all that difficult. Side note: If you are reading this and are thinking about moving to LA Bewitched is nothing like real life.


So there you have it! You may be wondering where all the Halloween movies are but as that is a category all on it's own I figured that should be an entirely separate post. Especially because I think y'all would get a kick out of my halloween movie picks vs. June's halloween movie picks. Stay tuned!


Happy Friday!


Soma & Ulte



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