Fashion DIY: Heart Elbow Patches

October 1, 2018


Happy fashion Monday, everyone!  Today we're really giddy because this is the first fashion DIY we've done in quite a while.  It's super easy, very inexpensive, and will give any sweater you own a total refresh.  There's plenty of pics to share for this how-to so let's get started!





1.  Heart shapes template printed out


2. Red felt


3.  Sandstone felt


4. Cream yarn


5. Scissors


6. Yarn needle


7. Sewing needle


8. All-purpose Red thread


9. Large safety pins (2)


10.  Sweater of your choice (preferable one that is knit for ease in threading yarn to it)



1.  Google a heart shape you prefer!  I printed off the one above in 2 different sizes.  The small heart was about 3.5 inches X 3.5 inches.  The larger heart was around 4.5 X 4.5 inches.  This sizing depends on your sleeve so try measuring out the width around the elbow of your sweater before committing to a size.


2.  Cut out your printed hearts.


3.  Place your smaller heart on the red felt.  The larger heart on the Sandstone felt.  I try to use the corners because it saves cutting time.  



4.  Trace the heart on the felt and use the scissors to cut them out. 



5.  Place the red heart on top of the Sandstone felt heart.  Try to make sure that the border around the red heart is about equal width all around.



6.  Prep your needles!

-Thread your yarn needle with your cream colored yarn.  Make sure to knot the end!  

-Thread your hand sewing needle with your all purpose red thread.  Make sure to knot the end


7.  Use your threaded hand sewing needle to sew your two felt hearts together.  You can use a regular hand stitch.  



8.  Safety pin where your elbows land.  You might need a buddy for this! I put my sweater on and my husband pinned it for me. 



9.  Place the center of your heart over the safety pin.  However, be sure to remove the safety pin before you move on :)



10.  Roll up your sleeve so you can easily access the fabric directly underneath the heart.



11.  Stick your threaded yarn needle and start your stitch right under the tip of the bottom of the red heart.  This is not super easy because the yarn needle is quite dull, so you'll have to use some strength getting through the felt!



12.  Poke the needle into the sweater's fabric directly underneath the bottom of the Sandstone colored felt heart.  Thread the needle so the yarn is all the way through.



13.  Come up from underneath the fabric about a 1/2 inch to the right of the first yarn line your created.  Again, poke the needle into the sweater directly underneath.  Thread up and over 1/2 inch and repeat until you your'e all the way around the entire heart.  



14.  Do that on both elbows!




















Red Turtleneck Sweater for $69


Casey Kick Flare Pants for $39


Black heels (similar) for $98.95


Red Coat (similar) for $149


Bianca Bucket Bag for $52




Happy Sewing!!


Soma & Ulte







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