Halloween Skull Candelabra DIY

October 10, 2018

Today is the start of our Halloween posts and we couldn't be more excited about it!! The holidays totally reinvigorate us and we have had a blast working on all our halloween projects! Coming up we have yummy recipes, more decorations and of course a super fun pumpkin carving idea! But I'm really excited about our silver skull candelabra! And it couldn't be easier!


 For this project you'll need a plaster skull (we got ours from Michales a few years ago but they still have them in stock!), 1" paddle drill bit, a drill, silver spray paint, and candles.  Start by marking where you want the holes for your candles to be; it's a good idea to trace the candles so you keep in mind the spacing for each one. Once you're happy with where your candles will be go ahead and drill your holes. I found that the 3/4" drill bit was too small for my candles but the 1" was slightly too wide; I went with the 1" and then used a little molding clay around the base of the candle to make it fit better. Once your holes are drilled spray paint your skull and that's it! Let it dry for a few hours at least or preferably over night. Then it's ready for the candles.


You can see in the pictures above the size of the holes and how the candles fit, the molding clay works perfectly in keeping the candles upright.

Now light your candles and display your creepy but totally glam candelabra!


 And then just wait until you see how cool the wax looks as it drips down the side of the skull!


 That kind of ended up being my favorite part about the whole project!


Happy DIY'ing!


Soma & Ulte



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