The Leopard Trend: Day to Night Costume

October 15, 2018

Halloween is only 16 days away *eeeeee!!!* annnnnnd.... it lands on a freakin' Wednesday.  Really??  Middle of the week!  So what to do what to do when you're at work and you have a Halloween shindig right after?  Well, we have just the answer.  Honestly, we're not reinventing the wheel AT ALL, but animal print is such a huge, huge trend this fall that we are giving in to the meeeoooow.


So let's check out how to do this super easy transformation!  





So when we were shopping for ideas, it was completely apparent that leopard print was a huge fashion trend of the season.  Seriously there was a form of it at 95% of the stores we visited.  Some were chic and some were really tacky and ill-fitting.  Whatever form it was, though, we knew we didn't want to do the traditional brown leopard print.  Then, we found this amaaaaazing red/black high waist cigarette pant and immediately knew we found our muse.  And yes, it is loud, but once we paired it with a simple black turtleneck it really became a nice little number that is completely SFW.



The pants are made of a very forgiving, stretchy fabric.  It's got a nice side zip and I managed to squeeze in an XS... when normally I'd wear a S.  The, formal waistband, pockets, and invisible butt pockets make this look very dressy and (dare we say) even classy for red leopard print!  Obviously, if you have a strict dress code this won't work, but if you get to wear business casual every day, then this is your jam!  Also, these pants are EXTREMELY comfy.



You can either add a black blazer and tone this outfit down completely OR you can be an Aries like me and just embrace the bold.  I pumped up the volume and added my favorite red jacket.  You probably recognize it from the red heart elbow patch post!



And how could we have this work outfit without a little cat eye to wear when you go outside!  It's also only $12.99 at your local Nordstrom BP section.  Overall, this is a very chic but safe way to execute a little funky fun for Halloween at work.  








There aren't very many ingredients to cook up a transformation here:


1.  Cat ears I painted myself, but you can get any ears you'd prefer

2. Cat tail

3. Black heels

4. Kitty face stickers 




The black tail we pinned at the waist because it's necessary for comfort when sitting!  So voila!  The sexy vixen kitten!!  And, for some of you, you could probably go ahead and wear the second look all day!  I know that's what i'll be doing ;)





Soma & Ulte







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