Homage to Halloween OOTD

October 22, 2018


If Connie and I could have our way we'd probably dress up for Halloween every day.  That's one of the many things that bonds us... the total excitement over wearing something fun that makes you feel completely different.  However, dressing up like a mermaid or unicorn isn't always so practical (trust me, I've tried lol).  So to celebrate the Halloween season, today we've decided to pay homage to our holiday without completely getting into costume.  This #OOTD is ideal for having people come over for a casual festive party (like carving pumpkins) or just going out for the night. 



Last friday I wrote about what my top 5 favorite scary movies are, which includes this amazing tshirt I found at H&M!  It's a replica of the famous movie poster for the film, which my husband and I love.  I used to wear band tshirts in high school, but now as an adult I'm pretty happy with wearing movie shirts :).  It's fun, it's comfy, and its a tshirt, which is so necessary since we're experiencing high 80s over here!  Ain't no way I'm going to survive all day wearing a flannel on top.



Speaking of flannels, I actually picked this one up from the men's section.  I feel like this is not intuitive for a lot of shoppers, but ladies.. you can totally shop for things in the men's section!  There are no limits... and vice versa.  This particular button down is an XS, but it fits just right, especially when I roll up the sleeves.  The orange is a nice color and has pops of black and navy blue in the plaid.  This matches my button front denim skirt, which helps dress down the look overall.  You can easily wear all of this with jeans, but remember if you're wearing an oversized top it's key to balance you out by wearing something far more form-fitted below.  You don't want to lose your shape!  Again, it's super hot outside so I thought a skirt was a better option than jeans. 





If you guys have been following us since year 1, you'll recognize this hat from my first orange post that I took with my cat, Jaxx.  He was so much tinier then!!  I love the witchy vibes the big brim of this hat gives me.  It's one of my favorite pieces in my collection, and again, it's from the men's section!  Most of my hats are from Brixton.



And, another staple in my fall/winter closet... my black suede over the knee boots!  You can also wear this outfit with some cute converse sneakers if you're heading to a dusty pumpkin patch, but if you're getting ready for a date this is a nice sexy upgrade.  





Exorcist Tee


Orange flannel for $24.99


Denim A-line skirt for $24.99



Over the Knee Boots for $129 (similar)


Black hat $58 (simiilar) 






9 more days of Halloween happiness!




Soma & Ulte (and Jaxx)





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