A Hocus Pocus Halloween

October 24, 2018

Every year I try to come up with new ways to carve a pumpkin. Don't get me wrong, I love and will always love leaving a pumpkin as is and the classic jack-o-lanterns but it's like a little challenge I like to give myself. So this year as I was watching Hocus Pocus (which is just about everyday this time of year) as I was spiraling down the internet rabbit hole when I came across an image of a spider cross stitched on a pumpkin.  Just then I looked up to see my three favorite witches cast a spell, BINGO! Cross stitch Hocus Pocus quotes! Now I knew going into this project that it would be a bit time consuming so I wanted to be sure I also had an option that was equally as cute but took a fraction of the time for all of you that are short on time!

So for the easy options I simply got stick on letters and went to town! I mean it truly doesn't get faster or easier than this!

As for the cross stitch pumpkins, a few words of caution. First of all I'm not gonna lie, this took some time...like a lot of time! But the good news for you is that I made the mistakes so you don't have to. Part of why I think it took me so long is because I did my letter completely free hand as I don't have a printer (insert face palm bitmoji here). I think if you print out your phrase in cross stitch lettering before hand and place it on your pumpkin as your guide you will save loads of time!

So to do the cross stitch pumpkin start by carving out your pumpkin as you normally would for your jack-o-lanterns. Then take those letters (that I know y'all will print out ahead of time!) and place them on your pumpkin. Cross stitch letters are made up of square so using a nail poke a hole in the corner of each square, then remove your print out and go back in with a small drill bit and drill gun to make the holes a little bit bigger; not too much bigger but just to make it easier for you to sew in and out of. Once you have all your holes drilled, thread your embroidery needle with your thread and poke the needle in a hole going toward the inside of the pumpkin and then back through another hole to the outside, creating X’s in the squares of your design. When you're finished remove the needle, cut any excess thread and knot the end. Now place your top back on and show off your hard work! 

For our pumpkins I went with "amuck" in black thread on an orange pumpkin and "dead mans toe" in orange on a white pumpkin and I think they are just the cutest little pumpkins ever! So are y'all gonna try it?? We would LOVE to see your beautiful creations! Tag us on instagram if you do!


Happy 1 week til Halloween!


Soma & Ulte




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