Friday Night Date Night: My Favorite Not So Scary Movies For Halloween

October 26, 2018


Last Week June told y'all all of her favorite scary movies to watch for Halloween HERE so I thought I should share all of my favorite non-scary movies for halloween in case some of you are wimps like me! Or if any of you are watching with little ones! The first on my list has to be the OG of happy halloween movies and that's It's A Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. This one is a classic for a reason!



Next up is Hocus Pocus, quite possibly the favorite new classic  of our generation. I remember loving this movie as a kid and if it's possible I love it even more now!

Beetlejuice continue to crack me up year after year and is the inspiration for one of my dream costumes! I have long dreamed of being Miss Argentina and as soon as I truly perfect the costume you better know I'll do it and show yall exactly how I do it!

I remember seeing Death Becomes Her when I was a kid and even though many of the jokes were over my head I still thought it was so funny! Now that I actually get all the humor (and the desire to look younger :) I enjoy it even more!

Y'all! I went and saw this movie in the theater SIX times when it came out! Not only did Buffy inspire the way I dressed, walked, and talked for at least a year after seeing it I actually did dress up as her for halloween when I was 8 or 9 years old




For the ultimate dysfunctional but loving family story it just doesn't get better than The Aadams Family


I gotta be honest, there are a few scenes in Ghostbusters that still scare me a bit but the humor in it more than makes up for it! I mean, look at those guys up there! I also love the remake with all those hilarious women but it hasn't been one of my go to's for years and years; that's why the original is on the list instead.

Back in the animated side of things is Corpse Bride, I just love these two and the music so much! Also the corpse bride is such an incredible costume when done right!

I think by now y'all know exactly how June and I feel about The Nightmare Before Christmas


So are you more of a June (Ulte) or more like me (Soma)? Either way I'd say we got you covered!

Happy Last Friday before Halloween!


Soma & Ulte









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