The Spider Lady Sewing Project

October 29, 2018



What an amazing Halloween weekend!!  My parents are in town and we're having all kinds of adventures together, including helping to create this Monday's #OOTD :).  The past few years, I've been able to piece together costumes or styled them into Halloween looks, but this year I really wanted to challenge myself.  I learned how to sew many years ago, but the turn-around for my jobs usually require me to shop or hire out someone else to sew for me.  However, I had a few days off from work and I decided I was going to make my own dress from scratch!  I was absolutely inspired after Netflix-and-binging my new favorite show, "The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell" because she makes her own gooooorgeous clothes.  (If you haven't checked it out, I highly recommend it!).  I also knew I was going to be headed to see Danny Elfman again at the Hollywood Bowl for the 25th Anniversary of "The Nightmare Before Christmas" so I particularly had a Tim Burton style in mind.  This post is too hard for a simple DIY... it took me 2 full days to finish everything, but I wanted to share my process in honor of Halloween week.  Here goes....



So I went to one of my favorite stores, JoAnn Fabrics for all of my supplies.  While Connie lives at Michaels, my home resides down the aisles of JoAnn's :).  I bought a slinky black fabric with a bit of weight so it could drape nicely and I bought a pattern.  For anyone interested, I used Vogue pattern V9344.  It's under the "VERY EASY" section, but if you're totally new to sewing this is far, far from easy.  There are zippers and rolled hems involved!  I drafted it all up first in muslin fabric, which is usually used for practice and perfecting fit.  Thankfully I did this because the pattern actually runs a bit big.  I have the technical measurements for a size 12, but I'm actually a size 10!



I followed the pattern closely and adjusted the waist to fit my own.  This is the beauty of creating your clothes... you can make sure it fits you like a glove!  I think cutting the fabric takes the longest amount of time (as it is super slippery) and the sewing itself is pretty fast.  This is especially true since I did it once already in a practice fabric!



Once I was done sewing the dress, it was down to deciding what to paint on it!  This actually took me quite a while because I was debating whether or not to be "The Night Sky" or "Spider Lady."  So to make sure I didn't mess up all of my hard work, I took some scrap fabric and did some practice strokes.  I seriously debated what to do for HOURS because I felt so fearful of ruining it.  I had to have Connie give me a pep talk.  That's what soulmates are for...cheering you through the (sometimes) torturous creative process LOL!



After, carefully looking, I felt like the spider cobwebs had more of a visual impact than my constellations.  Also, it's waaaay more Tim Burton-esque and way more Jack Skellington :)  So I created a drippy, shadowed abstract web across the front, down the cape sleeves and around the back!  However, it all still looked like it was missing SOMETHING.  



So I went to Kmart with my parents and we ended up finding a few last minute items that really completed the #OOTD.  We found a spiderweb wall hanging, some spiders, and a headband.  



It was super cool because my dad ended up helping me paint my dress's centerpiece spider!  He's the artist of the family and I got my painting skills from him :)  Then I took the wall hanging, sewed it to my headband, painted parts of the spider black, and turned it into my hat.  Voila!






My dad's spider!!  Didn't he do a great job??





So what do you guys think of this week's Soma & Ulte sewing project?  Let us know!




Soma & Ulte






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