Parents Crash Date Night: A Recap

November 3, 2018


 My parents were visiting from Northern VA this week so “Friday Date Night” pretty much turned into Family Date Night every day, which for me is THE BEST THING EVER.  Why?  Because (shockingly) my husband also enjoys spending time with them just as much as I do and I basically hit the jackpot of all time with this. 


So instead of a usual Friday night suggestion, I thought I’d give you a recap of some activities we did and maybe it’ll give you some ideas in case your family is in town!





Because they were here for Halloween week, it was amazing timing because we all got to celebrate a few things that mean so much to me, together.  First off, it's our cat, Jaxx's 3rd birthday lol.  Secondly, the last time Connie, my husband, and I all went to see Danny Elfman at the Hollywood Bowl, it was the same night my husband proposed to me.  Most importantly, this concert at the Bowl was celebrating the 25th anniversary of "The Nightmare Before Christmas"!  I mean, what could be better :)  



Sadly, Connie and Jesse couldn't make it this year, but our friend, Ada, got to join our date night instead!  We were a bit divided, though, since it was The Kitty Cats vs The Wolf Pack.



 Eventually, though, we all took turns being a part of the pack cuz how could we resist this cuteness?  



So if you're looking for a fun activity that is an icon of Los Angeles, we highly suggest visiting The Hollywood Bowl! 



For the latest event information, you can visit their Facebook page HERE.






Or if you want to do a multiple day event, you can easily head over to Disneyland!  This is great for people of all ages and it was super fun for me because my parents and my husband have never been.  Seeing the joy in their eyes made me so happy!  Also, I haven't been in years so it was a great way to see it all again.


TRAVELER'S NOTE:  We went pretty late on the 29th thinking it was going to be normal park hours.  Sadly, they were only opening the park up until 6pm because of their Halloween party that night.  Those are 2 separate tickets!  Also, the Halloween Party does not happen every night and they were already sold out.  So always check for special events before driving to Anaheim.  



Luckily, we had already planned on staying overnight, so we decided to spend the day perusing Downtown Disney and then go to the park the next day.  There are a variety of stores and restaurants and, of course, sooooo much Disney merchandise.  If you decide not to go into the park, all you need is to spend $20 on parking to have an adorable date night here! 




And you get to take the tram for some transporation fun!






YES!  It is the happiest place on earth!  It's so funny that no matter what age you are, if you grew up watching Disney movies, your inner child gets giddy.  My parents are in their 60s and were acting like big kids!



We drove cars at Tomorrowland, we escaped a giant rolling ball at Indiana Jones (my mom's favorite ride)....



...and we got spooked out at the Haunted Mansion!




We are clearly not experts, but if we could do it all over again, we'd take advantage of the FAST PASS options at the park.  It allows you to take your admission ticket to retrieve a ticket for a faster line.  It helps you reserve a spot for a faster line at a later, scheduled hour.  Because of the 25th anniversary of Nightmare, the wait time for the Haunted Mansion was going to be almost 2 hours.  With our fast pass, we only waited about 20 minutes.  SO WORTH IT!



Overall, i'd say this was a great bonding experince for all of us as a family.  And, it's clear that you can have double date nights with your parents!  Obviously my dad and husband don't mind HAHAHA!





Soma & Ulte



P.S.  Another family fun activity is to go visit your soulmate's house and hang out with her!  Obvi.




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