Cozy Golden Glam OOTD

November 5, 2018



Happy fashion Monday, friends, and also.... happy (start) of the holiday season!!!!  The temps in LA are finally dropping to the point where we want to remain under the warm covers in the morning and/or snuggle up at the end of the day.  It's an odd balance for us here because the afternoon is just a bit too hot, so it's all about layering in SoCal.  This constant game of blending layers is always fun for me because it allows me to get creative, but for everyone else it could be a bit tricky!  What do I wear if it's cold outside, but I'll be going into the warmer indoors?  What do I wear to a holiday party if there really isn't a dress code?  So for this week's #OOTD I wanted to show you that there are ways to dress up AND dress down while also getting glam but feeling cozy.  That way, you're fully prepared for your next holiday shindig.  Here, let me show you!



The major inspiration piece this week is this gold sequin slip dress from Free People (see below for full pic).  I like this option because if I get too hot I can always take off my sweater and still be left with a cute little dress. 



However, for my east coast folks, if you know you won't be taking off a layer, you can easily trade this slinky dress in for this sequin skirt.  Either way, you'll be good to go for the glam part.  What I love about a fun sequin something is that it gives you a very playful feel while also allowing you to look more dressed up.  Either one of these options is versatile enough to easily achieve both styles, depending on the occasion.  



You can click either picture to get more info on each piece!



To dress down the gold dress, I chose to go with a cream cowl neck pullover sweater to wear on top.  It's got an interesting texture to break up the sequins.  When I'm styling my clients or dressing myself, I like to mix multiple textures to make the outfit for visually interesting.  This particular top is cropped as well, so choosing the gold dress over the skirt was a game changer here as well.  Keep in mind that if you wear this sweater with the skirt I suggested you might run into some belly showing, which isn't very warm!



And to bring it all together from head to toe, I chose these gorgeous golden caramel suede boots from Sam Edelman.  They're very comfortable and Connie and I both love petting them because they're soooooo soft!!!  The chunky heel is also not that high at 3 inches so they're much easier to walk in. I'm pretty sure we will be twinning it up soon since we're both huge fans.



Accessories-wise, I'd suggest a much brighter gold tone to match your sequins.  I chose this pair of looped in resin earrings because it also incorporated the warmer brown tones in the other pieces.  It reads lux, but still casual.  




Big Easy Cowl Pullover for $128


Time to Shine Sequin Slip Dress for $77


Sam Edelman Hai Boots for $199.95


Looped in Resin Earrings for $28


Clear Quartz Necklace/Gold Bracelet from Izaskun Zabala 



Cozy glam for the win!




Soma & Ulte




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