Thanksgiving Date Night

November 16, 2018

First we want to apologize for our lack of posts this week. While the wildfires have moved away from our area and my house is totally fine things still have not gotten back to normal. My road is still closed which has literally kept June and I away from each other (insert Stephanie Tanner's "how rude!" here) so we haven't been able to shoot any new content for y'all. But not to worry, we will have some new stuff for you starting Monday! But seeing as this is the last Friday before Thanksgiving (!!!) I wanted to do a special Date Night posts specifically for Thanksgiving day; and since this is a holiday spent with family and friends these ideas are more of the group date kind. Thanksgiving posts usually focus on the food, the table setting or what to wear, and don't worry, we'll hit on those things next week but I wanted to focus more on things to DO on Thanksgiving and what's more fun with a group of people than playing games?? Answer: nothing! So here ya go, lots of game ideas for you to play with your loved ones!

When you think of games on Thanksgiving you undoubtedly think of football and while we are pro football watching over here we're even more into playing football! And if you're worried you're no good or can't catch the ball I have a little tip from my sister; it's all about wearing football gloves, she swears by it! Oh! And not that this counts as "doing something" but watching every Friends Thanksgiving episode is highly encouraged as well!


 Next up is a game for the little ones. We've all heard of pin the tail on the donkey but turn that donkey into a turkey and voila! It's a thanksgiving game! Though I'm not sure why this little cutie above isn't blindfolded; I mean where's the challenge in that?!


Mad libs are always a hit, HERE is a link for Thanksgiving themed mad libs. Have everyone fill it out when they come over and read them allowed over supper.

One of my favorite Thanksgiving traditions is watching the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade! It has always been on in our house even if it's just on in the background. So when I found THIS bingo game made just for the parade I thought it would be so fun! For the prize maybe someone gets the first piece of pie, or even better, doesn't have to help with the dishes! I guarantee everyone will play if that's the prize!


A few other games that are always a hit with my family is Charades, bonus points for making your game Thanksgiving themed. For example only using holiday movies or character or all those friends episodes I mentioned before. Another hit is Heads Up, y'all I LOVE this game. Just be thankful you don't have to play with June and me; as if we didn't read each others minds enough before when we play this game it is a serious mind meld and we just CAN'T BE STOPPED! 


Now turn up the Christmas tunes and get to planning your Thanksgivings! It is after all the most wonderful time of the year! And I guarantee if you start planning your Thanksgiving now you will cut your stress in half!



Soma & Ulte



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