Thanksgiving Table Setting

November 21, 2018

It's finally here!! We're the kinda gals that have no shame in planning our thanksgiving tables and decorating for Christmas starting November 1st but once it's actually Thanksgiving those holiday festivities go into overdrive and we are here for it!! And I'm so excited to share this years table with y'all. I actually got the idea from my soon to be sister-in-law (thanks Heather!!)



She sent me this super cute picture of a kids table all set for Christmas activities so I thought since we don't have little ones yet I would turn this idea into the grown-ups Thanksgiving table!

 I started by covering our outdoor table with two big pieces of brown craft paper; it takes two pieces to make it wide enough for the table so just be sure to put the overlap of paper down the middle since that will be covered with garland and greenery.

Then around each table setting I drew the outline of a placemat and made that the place card as well by putting each person's name in the upper right hand corner.

Then to the right of the placemat I wrote "I'm thankful for..." so the guests can fill out what they're thankful for this year. And I think it would be extra fun if each person went around the table prior to sitting down for supper and wrote one thing they were thankful for that person for! It would be such a fun and meaningful thing for each person to see when they sit down at the table!


And I liked the idea of keeping it open and free form as opposed to making lines to write on because it allows those more artistic guests (I'm lookin at you Ulte ;) to be able to draw and doodle on the table

As for the rest of the table setting I used THIS garland down the center of the table and added in a bit of fresh eucalyptus and real pine cones to it 

Then I used THESE glasses that are on major clearance at target right now and THESE super cute napkins. Then I picked up THIS beautiful rose gold flatware at World Market.

And topped it all off with a pine cone on each table setting. By the way, does the pine cone totally make y'all think of The Sound of Music or is that just me? 


And lastly I nestled candles that we made into the garland because no Thanksgiving table is complete without candles. I'll show y'all the how to for these candles next week!! And that's it!!


We hope you have a happy happy blessed Thanksgiving tomorrow! And we are so very thankful for each of you!


Soma & Ulte






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