Mini Powdered Donut Snowmen

December 12, 2018

Come Christmas time there is no shortage of fun festive treats to make, you got cookies, cakes, and drinks oh my! But some of those require more work than others. That's what I love about these ridiculously cute donut snowmen, you get so much bang for your buck. And they're so easy to make that they're the perfect treat to make with your little ones


You'll need mini powdered donuts, green and red m&ms, pull-n-peel twizzlers, icing, whole cloves, and bamboo skewers


The how to is pretty self explanatory, simple stick three of your donuts on your skewer then using a little icing stick your m&ms to the middle of the bottom two donuts. Next pull off one or two of your twizzler pieces and tie it around the neck of your snowman; you may need a little icing to help it stay put. Lastly stick some cloves on the top donut to make your snowman's sweet happy face and you're done!

These little guys would make such a cute addition to any Christmas dessert buffet!

And tell me Santa wouldn't love a little twist on his milk and cookies, these would be perfect to leave out for the big guy! 


Happy snacking!


 Soma & Ulte






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