The Last Fashion Post of 2018 (Brought to You by the Tartan Twins)

December 17, 2018


If you can't tell by the immense joy beaming from our faces, we are extremely happy to say we have completed another year here at Soma & Ulte!!  Today marks our last fashion post of 2018- whaaaaat?  And this also marks our 102nd #OOTD post.  We are so proud of our accomplishments we could cry!


It has been an insane month for us as we have been slammed at our day jobs, however, we always make time to see each other no matter what.  Doesn't matter how long it has been, we always feel like we're picking up right where we left off.  Does anyone have a #soulmate like that?  We always realize how much it rejunivates our spirit when we are together and how much we need joy and play in our lives as adults <3.  As a send-off for our fashion post, here's a look into a few of our favorite activities to do:  



Drink.  Usually something deliciously non-alchoholic.  #becauselightweights



Tell each other the latest gossip or secrets.  #middleschool





Goof around.  #tweedledeeandtweedledum



Be badass boss ladies.  #dontmess





Wear the same outfit and #snuggle.  

Watch a holiday movie and #snuggle.

Plan future travels and #snuggle.

Snuggle a snuggle and #snuggle.



Ok, quick... let me tell you why we adore this pajama set!  

1.  It's vintage inspired and we love tartan

2.  The red piping detail makes it even more luxurious

3.  It has a pocket!

4.  Comfy and lightweight






Vintage pajama set in Steward black tartan UP TO 40% OFF WITH CODE MOREISMORE









Soma & Ulte






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