Getting A Head Start on Our New Years Goals

December 19, 2018

We all know the holidays are filled with lots of cooking, eating, and family time which is what we look forward to every year. But for some reason we tend to way overdo the sugary treats and wait until the new year to start our healthier habits that make us feel better. While I'm all for allowing yourself to let lose and enjoy those cravings when you have them I don't believe that means you have to completely disregard your health both mentally and physically. That's where this post comes in! These are the things I've been doing on a daily basis and plan to continue through the holidays and into the new year!

The first thing I've started doing is drinking this Mushroom Hot Cacao Mix from Four Sigmatic. This company makes a few drinks, each one that helps with something different like mental focus or energy but I've been drinking their Chill mix which is to help you relax and sleep. I've been a bad sleeper for most of my life and have found this really has been helping! Not to mention it gives you all the cozy feels of a hot cup of cocoa this time of year!



Now in all honesty I don't put the whipped cream on top since I think that would sort of undo the benefits of the drink itself but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do for the gram. amiright?! 

I'm super excited about this next one! I've never been someone who has been good about taking vitamins, nor have I ever even known which ones I should take! That's where Care/Of Vitamins comes in! It's this great company that walks you through a quick quiz to find out what you're looking to get from your vitamins and they come up with a daily vitamin plan just for you! 

And they make it so easy! They send you a months supply of individual packets with your daily dose of vitamins in it. Plus they have an app to help too!

The app allows you to set a daily reminder to pop up on your phone to remind you to take your vitamins. Then once you take them, you check off all the ones you took 

Then the app gives you "carrots" or points each time you take your vitamins that can add up to all kinds of goodies like a free dose of vitamins or a travel case! And that's it! 

And the last thing is so obvious but quite possibly the most important! Hopefully you've got a few days off during the holidays and I really hope you all work on trying to catch up on sleep! I know it's hard when you're traveling and trying to visit family you don't always get to see but there is nothing wrong with taking care of yourself too!


We hope these little things help y'all through the holidays and help you feel like you're already on the right track starting the new year!



Soma & Ulte 




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