Soma & Ulte Surprise, Surprise

February 11, 2019


Happy Valentine's/Galentine's week, everyone!!!  This blog post is really special to us because we have a celebration AND a fashion announcement. 


This is our second year of doing Soma & Ulte and we feel like we've come a long way since our first photoshoot.  Oh my gosh I think back on it and it's kind of hysterical.  Not only did we not know how to use the camera that my husband so generously let us borrow (because it was manual focus and extra complicated for beginners), but we also had lots of anxiety about being IN the photos.  We had all of these grandiose ideas with only each other to support our vision and a grand total of zero dollars in our budget.  Well, frankly, some of this has not necessarily changed all that much, but we don't let much stop us nowadays.  It's amazing what you can do when you have a partner in crime and a determination to not let your soulmate down or give up on herself!



We really started this blog as an outlet for our creative passions and hoped to inspire some people, but we never expected to ever gain interest beyond our kind parents and family members :)  So when we went from 5000 to 10K and now to 15K followers on instagram we were quite shocked, and obviously, SO EXCITED!!!!  



So, here we are, celebrating that amazing accomplishment.  We're not that great at having a strong social media presence because we are usually busy working or creating, but we are SO THANKFUL for all of you have followed us and this teeny blog.  I think we're getting better at participating on instastories, but ya know, baby steps :)



The most common feedback we keep getting is how much people love scrolling through our color feed and feeling so happy, and also that they're inspired by our projects.  Our plan is to continue doing both and injecting our personalities and values even more into the content.  



Seriously, we love and appreciate all of you!!!!!


The second thing we wanted to talk about is our surprise announcement about the fashion section..... *DRUM ROLL PLEASE*......



We officially are going to start creating custom Soma & Ulte merchandise!!!!  YAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!  



This little heart patch is the first of many things that we are going to start creating from scratch to make our little business just a wee bit more official!



We are not sure exactly all of the details of how we will make it available to you guys yet, but if you're interested in getting one let us know!  You too can gift your soulmate a Soma & Ulte friendship patch.  Ah yes your SOULMATE.....



Ya know, the one soulmate who fixes your hair when the wind is blowing or the only one who tells you that you have green crap in your teeth.  



The one who flicks off your enemies and protects you from street crazies.  



The one who isn't afraid to go to deeper emotional places with you because they're your ride or die.  



Yeah, that one.  If you have a soulmate in your life, we'd love to hear your story!  We want to keep spreading that love from Galentine's Day and BEYOOOOOOND!!!




Soma & Ulte






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