How To Make the Most of Your Fancy Dress

February 18, 2019


As a stylist it is usually my job to introduce clients to the latest and greatest in the fashion world; however, I'm a huge believer in making the most of what you've already got.  That's why one of my favorite parts of my job is doing a Closet Consult!  Not only do I get to help my client curate what works with thier current style and body, but I also get to uncover some gems that they completely forgot about.  It's like a treasure hunt! Then from the treasure hunt, I help them create new looks from the pieces they love to keep.


Often times, we spend so much money buying new things without realizing how much we can save by styling what we already own differently.  With just a few pieces, you can change an entirely serious dress into something fun and funky!  Let me show you what I mean....



Let me introduce you to my serious twin... let's call her July.  July is wearing a dress from Banana Republic called the Bi-Stretch Racer-Neck Sheath Dress.  Good lord that is a mouthful.  They should really consider renaming that.  ANYWHO.  July is wearing this lavender dress and it's stretchy, figure hugging, and really elegant.  With that leg slit it's even a little saucy!



July loves wearing this dress with her favorite necklace from Izaskun Zabala.  It's a gold dipped chain with clear quartz crystal.  She thinks it brings her magic powers... with the way it glows, she could be right! 



Based on this photo, July just LOOOVES the drama... lol



From the back, this dress is just as curve-hugging!  There's a lovely invisible zipper up the back that makes it easy to slip into.  



And to finish off the clean look, she is wearing some clear heels.  Love just how these girls just disappear against the skin.  They don't distract from the unique dress while also elongating the legs.  



Overall, if you're looking for something that is elegant, sophisticated, and understated... this is your jam.  The style is pretty conservative, but because it is form-fitting and lavender, it definitely gives off more of a sexy/romantic vibe.  If you want to keep it more classic, this dress also comes in black!  July, for sure, goes to fancy wine parties and hosts luxurious events.


SOOOO what now?  It seems like we can use this dress only 1 way, but that couldn't be further from the truth!  Let's tone down the sex appeal and turn up the FUN!  Let me introduce you to June...



June has creative entrepreneur written ALL OVER her. 



Just by throwing on a simple, casual sweatshirt over her dress she's moved from Serious Street to Funky Town.  



Whether or not you even own matching colored dresses and sweatshirts, mixing and matching your pieces can really make a huge difference!  It's also a way to make the most of your collection.  The weather in LA is always so up and down... layering like this can take you from day to night in minutes.



Throw on some Converse with any dress/skirt combo and you automatically get a sporty outfit.  This look is definitely for the gal who loves to feel comfortable yet still look really put together.  


NOTE: I actually used the watch for both outfits because it's minimal and lux enough to work for either!  



Let us know if this tip works for you.  We'd love to hear your experience:)




Soma & Ulte




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