Why I'm Going Sugar and Carb Free for 10 Days

February 20, 2019

pic via The Miami Rose


Happy Wednesday everyone! If you follow us on instagram then you know I'm doing 10 days of no sugar and no carbs, I'm currently on day 6. Obviously no carb/low carb isn't anything new and after the release of Fed Up, a netflix documentary in 2014 going sugar free was a hot topic. But I have managed to avoid those and have continued to blissfully eat my sweet treats and bread but I've been reading more and more about how negatively sugar (and carbs turn into sugar in our bodies) effects our bodies and not just by weight gain. It has been linked to diseases like Alzheimers and even cancer! And the obvious, diabetes. Now I'm not sure if it's because of my age or if it's because, as June and I have mentioned before, we're both trying to take better care of ourselves and listen to our bodies more, but I decided it was time to give it a try.


On days 1 and 2 I did have a terrible headache. I get headaches regularly so it may not have been because of this but I have heard of sugar withdrawals so that might have been the reason. But now on day 6 I have to say I'm not really even missing it! I mean, if someone walked in with a big hot pizza just for me of course I would want it but the way I've been eating hasn't left me feeling deprived at all! My goal was just 10 days but I'm thinking I'll just keep going and then if I do eat sugar or carbs try to keep it to maybe once a week, or even better once a month! But you know I'll fill y'all in every step of the way!


Happy Hump Day,

Soma & Ulte


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