DIY: Lavender Linen Spray

February 22, 2019

I was recently reading about all the benefits of lavender which includes reducing anxiety and emotional stress, improves brain function, helps to heal burns and wounds, improves sleep, restores skin complexion and reduce acne, slows aging with powerful antioxidants, relieves pain, and alleviates headaches. Now whether all these are true or not I don't know but I figure adding a little lavender to my home routine can't hurt, especially since it smells so nice! So I then looked up homemade recipes for lavender linen spray and I gotta say, I love it! And it's really simple.


All you need is: 

A spray bottle

Lavender essential oil

Witch Hazel

Distilled water



For every 8oz of distilled water you will need 8-10 drops of essential oil and 2 Tbsp of witch hazel. Make sure to mix the witch hazel and essential oil together first before adding in the water. Then you're ready!

I try to spray our bed a couple times a week and it makes our whole bedroom smell so fresh and clean. And if it's helping me sleep in the process I'll take it!


Happy Weekend,

Soma & Ulte 



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