How To Dress For Your Favorite Decade

February 25, 2019


Do you ever feel like you were born in the wrong decade?  That perhaps the fashion of a particular time really speaks to you and your inner spirit animal?  Well today, I’m giving you all kinds of vintage vibes.  Actually, I totally channeled Connie for this look because she is suuuuuper obsessed with anything 70s, especially the fashion!  So let’s take it back… way back, but of course, in our modern take 😊.  No costumes here!


Here are a few ways you can channel your favorite decade:


-Take a look at the colors.  Are they saturated?  Desaturated?   Neon?  For orange week we decided to do a shade that is more saturated and deeper.  Not the traditional primary orange.  It’s a color I remember was all over our old kitchen wallpaper when I was growing up…. And I have to say I used to hate it, but now it gets me all kinds of nostalgic.  These pants are absolutely the perfect 70s orange.



-Be mindful of silhouette.  Although this is not the traditional bell shape you think of in the 70s, it still has quite a bit of volume at the bottom.  It is also high-waisted!  If you take a look at this catalogue from 1972, you can totally see where I got my inspo to put these tops and pants together (see far right).  How cute are they??





-Pick accessories that are iconic of the times. 



Here is a beautiful scarf I wrapped around my head with the tie in the back.  And here’s the inspo image for reference!  Again, just wearing this type of hair scarf with a white tee and jeans can absolutely make all the difference.  Look at how full this woman's brows are #goals!




Or you can choose an amazing purse that is reminiscent of the decade.  Connie loved this so much she get one for herself!!!  I don't blame her....




Fashion brands are always getting inspiration from the past so it shouldn't be too difficult to find ones that totally speak to you and your decade! 



This entire look (except for my Target heels from 3 seasons ago) is from & Other Stories, which is a brand form Paris that has storefronts in the states.  Their fun play with color and silhouette and time is why we love, love, LOVE them so much!!! 


Tell us, what is your favorite decade?



Soma & Ulte



P.S.  Can we take a moment and talk about how BEAUTIFUL these pictures are.  Connie took them and she is a BEAST behind the lens.  Can you believe she didn't know how to do this when we first started?  My Soma is a freakin' natural. 


P.P.S.  Speaking of natural...this me in my "natural" state... ERMERGERD! 




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