The Benefits of Having Orange in Your Home

February 27, 2019


Happy Wellness Wednesday!!!  Connie is usually the Queen of Home Decor, but today I'm taking over and talking about the benefits of having the color orange around your humble abode.  


Not sure if you know this, but orange is the color of creativity!  It is often very optimistic and enthusiastic when it is in a subtle range because it warmly calls your attention, but it can also be loud and attention-grabbing like a street cone.  The best part is that you can can use the color orange around your house to enhance your mood in either direction.  Let's take a look at some examples I personally love:


1.  The Eye-Catching Door 



This famous vintage Palm Springs house was created in 1963 by Charles Dubois.  It is also the perfect example of how to use a pop of orange.  The doors of the house really stand out and create a warm invitation to your guests to walk on in.  Against all of the green foliage, it almost makes your mouth water because it reminds you of an orange tree.  


2.  The Warm Nook


 This warm nook was featured in Apartment Therapy.  When you pick a more desaturated orange tone it can give off a very vintage vibe, which is nice considering this place is full of old vinyls and some ancient-looking artifacts.  This velvet armchair not only feels cozy, but to the eye it also gives off a warm fireside feel, especially since the other parts of the apartment are very minimal, neutral and comprise of cooler tones.  



3.  Wake Up with an Accent Wall


 This wall was featured in Domino as a trending color for Spring of 2018.  Orange is often used in the morning (from your juice to your morning face wash) because the citrus and the color is amazing for awaking your senses.  By having an orange accent wall, it not only gets your brain going in the morning and every time you cook, but it is also gives a feeling of freshness.


4.  Flower Power



And for those of us who change their mind constantly with decor (me), but would still like a breath of fresh air.... I highly recommend adding some orange flowers to your house.  This can give your home a much needed pop of color without any of  the commitment.  


If you're really tired of the winter weather and want to inject some spring into your step, I highly recommending adding orange to your everyday.  Promise you'll feel happier and healthier if you do ;)




Soma & Ulte




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