5 Ways to Stay Positive and Be Productive

March 6, 2019



Recently I was in a bit of a funk, I was just feeling down and defeated and I think was because of a combination of things. I'm at the start of transitioning into a new career which as June talked about on Monday can make you feel super motivated and pumped one moment then scared and panicked the next. Then add on top the fact that we've been getting a lot of rain around here lately and I am a sunshine girl through and through. June and I always joke that she is ruled by the moon and I'm ruled by the sun. But that just means I'm a total baby when I don't get enough sunshine. And I don't know if it's just me (although I feel fairly certain it's most of us) but I can get so overwhelmed trying to stay on top of all the things I'm supposed to be doing to be my best selves. And with all the conflicting advice it can be very confusing. Eat this, don't drink that, exercise on an empty stomach, exercise before bed, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, go as long as you can before eating breakfast to allow for the fat burning process!!! It's impossible to do all those at the same time and when I start feeling that way I try to go back to basics and reset. Here are the tried and true ways of keeping myself calm, focused, positive, and therefore more productive (after a meltdown to two of course ;)


1. Journal: Honestly I was never consistent with keeping a journal until the last 6 months or so. I always tried to but never kept with it so I can really notice the difference. I've found that just writing down the thoughts that fill my head help to deal with them. It feels like a first step, once I have it down on paper I'm then able to figure out the next step that is required. And it doesn't have to be some big drawn out thing, even five minutes before work or before bed or at lunch can be very beneficial to keep your head clear


2. Meal Prep: I know this is often used in diet plans but I truly see this as more of a way to save time and free up some brain power. It's crazy how overwhelming or tiring thinking of what to make for supper can feel when you're crazy busy working. That's why I've found that when I take the time to make some meals ahead of time, or at least plan what I'm going to make it takes a huge load off. And it allows me to actually enjoy the process. Which brings me to my next tip...


3. Cook something! Again, this may sound overwhelming to some of you but if you already know what you're going to make it's actually fun! The reason I get so much enjoyment out of cooking is because I know exactly where my food came from and what goes into it so I know I'm making something that is going to truly nourish my body. I won't be left feeling heavy and tired or have a headache or stomachache. I like to cook foods that will help my body perform at it's best; then I'm able to tackle everything else with more energy and more focus.


4. Quiet Time: A lot of people call this meditating which I've always said I'm not any good at. June uses an app that she loves and she has said it's helped her tremendously. I used to put pressure on myself to TRYYYY to meditate but that's when I realized that my quiet time IS meditation. For me quiet time is time spent in prayer and reading the bible. After my quiet time I'm significantly less stressed, I'm able to gain new perspective on any given situation, it reduces my negative feelings and gives me more patience and tolerance both with myself and whatever may be getting to me and it actually gives me more creativity! Not to mention that spending time in the word always teaches me something new!


5. Move Your Body: I saved this one for last because it just may be the most important for everyone! Sometimes getting out and moving is literally the last thing you want to do but I think the times you want to do it the least is when you need it the most. Even if I'm really not in the mood as soon as I step outside I'm thankful I'm doing it, and by the time I'm 100 yards away from my house I don't want to stop! I prefer to be outside either hiking or running; when I can feel the sun and smell all the flowers and plants blooming around me I am immediately invigorated. But it doesn't even have to be a big thing, sometimes when I have to be on set at 6am and it's too dark to go for a hike or run (because my house is surrounded by mountain lions, coyotes, and snakes oh my!) I'll just do 30 mins of stretching and foam rolling. 9 times out of 10 just getting started makes me want to do more but on that 1 day where all I really want to do is get back in bed, I know that little 30 minutes of stretching is doing so much for my body that day.


I hope these tips can help you too. I know when I'm struggling a bit and read articles like this it doesn't always sink in but if you're struggling today I hope you'll give one of these a try and see how it feels! We're all in this together so we gotta do what we can to help each other!


Happy Humpday!


Soma & Ulte


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