Releasing Anger To Detox Your Body

March 13, 2019


Today's #WellnessWednesday post is brought to you by the She-Hulk because (a) she's a badass and (b) she is this week's mascot for wellness because she freely expresses her inner anger.  In fact, she is much more powerful because of it.  This idea that you can use your own anger as a tool to empower yourself was such a revelation for me this week that I knew I had to share it with you all.  Hopefully it helps you as much as it has helped me!


Most of my life and especially into my adult life I labeled emotions as "good" and "bad" and either rewarded myself or scolded myself for "feeling the feels."  One of those emotions that I decided went into the "bad" category was anger.  Does this sound familiar to anyone?  Well, somewhere along the way, I educated myself more on this misguided and extremely fundamental philosophy.  Thankfully, I now realize that emotions are neither good OR bad and that all of them can be extremely beneficial when observed with self compassion.  


To me, anger is associated with fear, being out of control, explosive rage, and regrets so, naturally, I learned to hold it in.  It has been quite a personal talent of mine and particularly helpful at work.  You can count on me to be as cool as cucumber 99% of the time on the outside, but feel like a true mess 100% of the time on the inside.  Seeing what I see now, unaddressed anger was and has always been so toxic to my spirit, my mind, and particularly my body.  The more I have repressed my emotions, the more it manifested itself in other ways... migraines, irritability, constant tension in my neck and shoulders, and digestive issues.  


So how do you help yourself release these toxins and detox your body?  


Well, I highly recommend going to see a therapist or spiritual healer, but I wouldn't stop there.  There is definite power in verbalizing your emotions, however, there is true freedom in releasing it through your body.  When Connie and I went to see Mama Gena, there was a whole segment dedicated to what she called "swamping," which is a technique using movement to release dark emotions.  It was so intense to witness, but everyone who participated in this act was clearly cleansed in so many ways afterwards.  We even vowed to do it ourselves.







If you're interested, here are some examples of how to "Swamp" and release some of the trapped emotions and anger in your body:


-Cry.  Loudly.  Wail.  Howl.

-Punch a pillow

-Turn on loud angry music and scream at the top of your lungs in your house (or my personal fave, the car)

-Stomp around to loud music that matches your mood

-Dance it out

-Throw a tantrum on the ground like a 2 year old

-Break some shit

-Find a fitness routine that allows you to access the anger


That last one I discovered for myself at Rumble Boxing last week and I LOVED IT (Below pic was via Rumble Boxing... I didn't want to take my phone with me in the class)



I went  into the room thinking of the things I wanted to detox... past pain and anger, and then when the lights went low and the music started blasting I just screamed and punched the bag as hard as I could.  I punched over and over until I hit my deepest rage and then, surprisingly, I wanted to cry/sob, and that was when I had this massive mental and physical release.  By the end I was totally out of my anger and straight into joy.  And to top it off, my body felt amazing.  Here's me before the swamp!  



So there ya go, my lesson on anger and the power of tapping into your inner She-Hulk!  


Do you have ways you love to detox your body from anger?  We'd love to hear it!




Soma & Ulte



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