5 Tips for Traveling Light & Chic

March 18, 2019


Spring Break season is upon us and people everywhere are eagerly getting ready to head to the airport.  However, one question I usually get from clients is how do I pack for my trip?  I've definitely gone shopping with a client for her trip to Mallorca, Spain, and I've got to say there are so many ways to tackle this universal issue.  We took the time to curate an entire closet for her based on the destination, the temperatures, and her unique style using my Personal Branding method, but not everyone has the time or money for that! 


So for this post, I'm going to share 5 things I pack and tips for the easiest and fastest way to look chic without bringing my entire closet.



1.  Pack Nude Colored Skivvies



For me, to look chic and put together, it starts at the foundation of your body.  If you are wearing the wrong undergarments, it could really affect the way your clothes hang on you and turn a gorgeous garment into an unsightly mess.  Choose nude bras and underwear so no matter what you wear over it, you're always secretly supported underneath.  This Infinite Possibilities Push Up bra from Soma can be worn with your cami, close back, wide-low back, racerback, crisscross, and halter.  The more one bra can do, the better.  Nude seamless thongs are great as well to make sure you don't get stuck with obvious pantylines.  If you have room, I'd bring 1 black , 1 nude, 1 white set so you're covered with anything you could possibly be wearing.  I always have these colors on hand when I'm working on my commercials.  Also, if you prefer to go braless, getting some breast petals for your nipples are a light and easy way to go as well.  Not to mention, a pair of great SPANX never hurt no one lol.  



2.  Bring Your Favorite Jewelry



Pic below via @loganhowell



No matter what your wear, whether day or night time, accessories (particularly jewelry) are the EASIEST way to travel light.  You can pair your nice pieces with a tshirt and immediately look way more dressed up.  You can put the icing on the cake for your going out dress.  Either way, jewelry can really influence the way your #ootd comes together.  I'd choose either pieces you absolutely love wearing or with pieces that are relatively neutral.  Check whether or not your skin looks better in silver or gold.  If you lean one way or the other, bring sets that can mix and match with each other.  Connie and I can wear both silver and gold, so the way I have compromised is by choosing pieces that have both silver and gold in them.... like my Skagen watch that I'm wearing in the #OOTD.




3.  Grab Sunnies for Style & Protection



A great pair of sunglasses are a fashionable and healthy accessory to bring with you on your trip.  Although my dark eyes are not as sensitive as Connie's light eyes, I never leave home without them.  Even on a cloudy day, the sun's rays can be quite harsh so make sure to grab ones that have UV protection.  I have such an obsession with these simple and stylish accessories that I have at least 7 pairs with me in my car at all times.  No lie.  Although I used to get really cheap ones because I was notorious for losing, sitting on, or scratching them, now I'm really picky about getting a great pair that goes with numerous outfits.  I found this tortoise shell cat eye from Kate Spade and I love that I can wear them with either my brown or black purse/shoes!  Again, versatility for travel goes a loooong way.  



4.  Choose the Right Hat



I got this gorgeous hat at the Goorin Bros Hat Shop in New York when Connie and I went to see Mama Gena.  The one thing I have to say about traveling with a hat is that it's amazingly practical.  Whether you're going to ski in the mountains or hitting up the sunny beach, the right hat can keep you protected, cool, or warm (depending on the weather).  It can also pull a whole look together and add a flare of personality!  



And if you've ever traveled with a hat, you know how huge of a pain it can be... well, we've found the perfect solution for you!  We discovered this line called TopTote that gives you handy clips so you can attach your hat to your purse or carry on.  Amazing solution for our travel needs!!!!  #notanad  



5.  Curate A Mostly Monochromatic Closet



What I love about doing the fashion section for Soma & Ulte is that it has really forced me to look at colors as one of the most important tools in an artist's life.  It can bring a cohesiveness to a vision very easily and it can make an entire outfit pop without even trying.  If you're traveling, I highly suggest sticking to a monochromatic palette so that you have the versatility to mix and match your clothes.  Most people tend to lean towards black, which is classic and easy, but I would really love to challenge you to think outside the box.  If you look in your closet now, you might notice that you have a color that pops up time and time again.  What color is it?  Why did you choose it?  Does it make you really happy or is it a color that just brings out your eyes.  Notice what mood it gives you when you see it.  Whatever the reason, it's a really big game changer for when you pack.  The more you lean in to your favorite color, the more options you have to wear while you travel!  



Not matter what color your decide, I would suggest going for a gradient.  Here I am wearing an icy blue to a cornflower blue.  What makes it work is that they are not only in the same color family, but it also has distinctly different textures.  Do no be afraid to mix and match your textures, but be aware of mixing and matching your patterns.  Patterns take a lot more training of the eye! 


Also, if you'll notice that once you choose a color scheme, it cuts your accessories in HALF.  Instead of having to bring a gold, silver, black, or brown shoe (one for every single colorful item you pack), you are now limiting yourself to 1-2 tones.  



So there ya go... 5 Things/Tips to pack light and chic! 

No matter what you decide, remember packing can be FUN.  Now get ready to explore!




Soma & Ulte

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