March 20, 2019

Yesterday while scrolling through instagram I came across a post from Ellen Degeneres, she had​ Jay Shetty on as a guest on her show. He was talking about gratitude but he said something that literally stopped me in my tracks. He said that "when you're in gratitude you can't be in another state; you can't be angry or sad or disappointed when you're being grateful". It's so simple, and when you think about it for a second you realize you know this already. Just think about the last time you focused on how thankful you are for what you have in your life, in that moment you aren't thinking at all about the things you want or don't have. I realized this is what I do with my journaling every morning, I write about how grateful I am for my life and it really does set the tone for the rest of my day. Now sometimes of course something will happen that causes me to lose focus of that but it takes only a second to get back to it. And Jay also recommends to this at night before you go to bed because you wake up already in a state of gratitude. I love the power behind such a positive emotion, it's just like love. When you're in love and feeling love you feel lighter than air and that's all you can see. Gratitude does the same thing! So I hope y'all take a moment to feel grateful for something in your life, a guarantee it will have a domino effect! And fun fact, just moments after I saw this post on instagram my sister reposted it on her instastories! Which just made me feel so grateful to have a sister like her!


Happy happy Wednesday!


Soma & Ulte


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