DIY Hanging Office Organizer

March 22, 2019

Living in small spaces means that sometimes you have to get creative; you know what they say, necessity is the mother of invention. So I came up with this hanging organizer because I'm limited on floor space and I also wanted a space to use as a vision board of sorts. So lets get right down to how to make it shall we?

To start you'll need:


A piece of plywood (I used only one piece not a whole pack)

Balsa wood of the same size

Corkboard sheet 

Desk calendar 

X-acto knife

Wood Glue

Twine or String


Start by cutting your balsa wood into four pieces; one piece at 6" x 12" (same width as the plywood which will be the front of your pocket), two pieces at 6" x 1" (which will be the sides of your pocket), and one piece at 12" x 1" (which will be the bottom of your pocket). Glue your three sides to the front of the pocket then glue pocket to bottom of plywood.

Then glue your desktop calendar to the top of your plywood about 3/4" down from the top

Then cut your cork board to the same size as the calendar and glue it to the middle of your plywood

Lastly drill two holes into the top of your plywood and tie your twine and voila, you're done! hope this inspires y'all to let your creativity run wild!


Happy Friday!


Soma & Ulte






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