Why Peach Is A Great Brand Color to Wear

March 25, 2019



I have to say I feel particularly grateful today because I had the best birthday weekend I can remember.  My sweet husband (who is not the greatest at surprises) managed to throw me off so much that I had no idea what was happening.  Honestly, I'm still reeling from the shock today.  I'll fill you guys in a little more on Wednesday, but in the meantime, this week we are celebrating PEACH WEEK!  It is one of my favorite shades to wear.  From a branding standpoint, let me tell you why!  



If you wear peach, these are the adjectives I associate with the color:












So if you're looking to attract future clients to your business, remember when you wear this color, these are the things you might trigger in their minds.



Also, peach is often associated with desert vibes.  This muted color creates a mood that can be very exotic and can inspire adventure.  



And because it is often seen in nature, it feels very clean and can remind people of earthy or even organic products.  





Depending on the way you style your outfit and your location of your photoshoot, peach can read different ways.  I chose to go with big hoops, a twist knot headband, sunnies, and caramel colored heels, and in this space (which is a church I found), Connie immediately said I looked like I was in Cuba.  Here, peach is very playful and warm.  I could have worn this #OOTD with sneakers, no jewelry, and a high ponytail and this peach would be far more "tomboy" style, but because of the color - still feminine. 



When you're styling yourself for your branded photoshoot, it is key to keep in mind your business's colors.  The peach #OOTD against the peach background immediately created a cohesiveness for the visuals, so choosing to saturate your site photos with your brand color can be a great artistic choice.  With Connie's professional eye behind the lens, we were able to capture images that look appropriate for a campaign. 



Peach is great because it is neutral enough to be a "color" without being intrusive to the eye.



Peach is also used often in perfumes or wellness products because of it's clean, light, and airy qualities.  The same goes for when you're wearing it!



Would you choose to use wear peach for your brand?  Let us know!




Soma & Ulte




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