Peachy Floral Pom Pom DIY

March 29, 2019

Happy Friday y'all!! I am so excited for the weekend as we have been having the most beautiful weather here and the super bloom that is happening this year in insane! Someone told me that there are certain flowers blooming this year that haven't bloomed in decades! I hesitate to quote them because they're not experts but it sure seems like it's true. So in honor of all the flowers blanketing LA I made these super cute floral pom poms in one of my personal favorite colors! I'm giving a full step by step how to because it's hard to explain without pictures but you'll see it's actually very simple.

To get started you'll need your pom pom makers, your chosen yarn colors (I used two shades of peach, a pink, yellow for the center of the flowers, green for the leaves, and a neutral cream color), and a sharp pair of scissors.

Start by wrapping the yellow around each side of the pom pom maker four to five times. Then cut your yellow yarn holding it in place.

Then take your first petal color and wrap it around seven or eight times on each side of the yellow yarn

Then continue wrapping your petal color over the yellow

Repeat this on the other side then cut your peach yarn and hold yarn end in place

Then taking your green yarn wrap it two to three times on either side of your peach yarn. Then cut your green yarn.

Then take your neutral color yarn and wrap it all the way around your pom covering all the other yarn colors and cut the end

Then going back to the center of the pom pom maker start with your petal color this time and wrap it around about ten times, then cut the yarn

Then you go in with your yellow yarn and wrap it three to four times around the middle of the petal. Then cut the yellow yarn.

Then go back in with the petal color once more just to cover up the yellow yarn. Then trim the end of the pink yarn 

Go in once more with your green and wrap it around the pink yarn two to three times. Then cut the green yarn.

Lastly go in with your neutral yarn and cover the whole pom pom maker again. At this point it should be pretty thick with yarn and tight when you close your pom pom maker. Now repeat all these steps again on the other side of the pom pom maker.


Once your pom pom maker is complete use a pair of sharp scissors (they need to be pretty sharp to cut through all those layers of yarn) and watch the flowers pop out right in front of you!

 Once you've cut all the way around your pom pom maker take a piece of yarn (any color) and tie it around the pom pom maker very tightly and double knot it. This will keep your pom pom held together.

Then open up your pom pom and voila! Your pom pom will need a little trimming to keep it nice and neat.



These are so cute you could simply put them in a bowl and set them out but I turned mine into a garland just for fun!

These adorable little pom poms are sure to bring a little spring time joy into your home in whatever colors you choose but I just can't get enough of this cheery and fresh peach color!


Happy crafting!


Soma & Ulte 














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